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My MBA has allowed me to redefine success for myself. I strengthened leadership skills, deepened business acumen and have advanced to the vice president of research and development and training for SECURA. My recommendation: Follow your passion to discover the career that you love.

Jenny Haas, '16

Vice President R&D and Training, SECURA Insurance


The total cost of the UW Oshkosh MBA-Executive is $59,500. This cost includes: 

  • UW Oshkosh tuition and fees 
  • Textbooks
  • Meals and refreshments during Saturday classes
  • Classroom materials and supplies
  • Orientation and residency events, including lodging, meals, graduation gown and gift
  • Promotional and networking events
  • Dedicated program staff
  • The majority of student costs for the international study tour (note: several meals and other expenses are at the students’ expense)
  • Appleton area location and auxiliary expenses

Financial Aid

Although your employer may offer tuition assistance, many students need additional support. To apply for financial aid visit and use FAFSA code 003920. For more information on financial aid options, visit or contact Alison Casady in the UW Oshkosh Financial Aid Office at (920) 424-4442 or by email at Note: If you are receiving tuition assistance, your awarded loan amount cannot exceed the program cost when veteran combined with your employer contribution.

Payment Schedule

A deposit of $1,000 is due within 30 days after receiving an acceptance packet. The remaining balance is spread over four semesters in equal payments. Students or employers may find it beneficial to make the fourth and final payment the month after graduation. Please contact us if you or your organization would like to request this extension.

Corporate Sponsorship

Many organizations offer some kind of tuition assistance. Talk with your manager to see what kind of funding options are available. If you would like ideas on how to present the idea to your manager or if you would like us to speak with your employer, please contact the MBA Office at (800) 633-1430.

Veterans Resources

The UW Oshkosh Veterans Resource Center (VRC) is dedicated to providing support for our University’s active duty service members, veterans, guard members, reservists and dependents of veterans. For more information on Veteran Resources, contact Michelle Munns at (920) 424-0702 or by email at


The MBA Executive Program offers fee reduction awards to students who qualify for one or more of the following awards. In order to qualify, individuals must meet the MBA Executive Program admission criteria, complete the standard admission process, communicate award eligibility with the associate director of relationship development, be accepted into the program and fill out the MBA-Executive Award Request Form prior to opening orientation. While these awards are cumulative, the total cannot exceed $20,000. 

MBA – Executive Awards are effective beginning the Fall 2019 cohort.

Contact the MBA Office at (800) 633-1430 or for more information. 

Road Warrior Award

This $3,000 award is for students traveling more than 75 miles to the Appleton Center for MBA – Executive classes.

See above for details.

Single Parent Award

This $8,640 award is for a single parent. Applicants must demonstrate they are single and have had at least one dependent under the age of 18 on one of their two most recent federal tax returns.

See above for details.

Veterans Award

This $8,640 award is offered to those currently serving or honorably discharged veterans of the United States military (any branch). Must not be currently eligible for veteran educational benefits (GI Bill benefits, Post 9/11 benefits or Wisconsin GI Bill benefits) and must have exhausted their veteran’s benefits. 

See above for details.

Government and Not-For-Profit

This $8,640 award is for those who work for the government (Federal, State or Local) or who work for a not-for-profit entity with a focus on enhancing the greater good.

See above for details.


Two or more individuals (maximum of 5) who are employed by the same company or who identify a personal or professional connection prior to opening residency, and were not previously recruited, will each receive the following award toward the MBA Executive Program.

If one company commits to a partnership with UW Oshkosh by sending up to five employees through the MBA Executive Program, each will receive the following award (employees can be in the same or consecutive cohorts).

Two cohort members- $4,462.50 each (7.5% of tuition)
Three cohort members – $7,140 each (12% of tuition)
Four cohort members – $9,8179.50 each (16.5% of tuition)
Five cohort members – $12,495 each (21% of tuition)

Individuals must meet the MBA Executive Program admission criteria, be admitted to the same or consecutive cohorts, pay the deposit and attend at least two Saturday classes before the award is applied. Students in consecutive cohorts are only eligible for the award if a tuition balance remains. See above for additional details.

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