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Type of Class Tuition per credit
On-site (in person) in Oshkosh or Appleton Please visit the Student Financial Services webpage (scroll to see MBA pricing)
Online offered directly by UWO MBA Professional Program* Please visit the Student Financial Services webpage (scroll to see MBA pricing)
Online MBA Program* Please visit the Student Financial Services webpage (scroll to see Online MBA pricing)
Online MBA Consortium Please visit the Student Financial Services webpage (scroll to see MBA pricing)

*Students living outside a 75 minute drive from either the Oshkosh campus or Appleton Executive Education Center will be considered Online MBA students. Students living within a 75 minute drive can take online courses but will be considered MBA Professional students.

Price includes $240 per credit in special course fees for enhancements including a full-time advisor, full-time instructional designer, changes in course delivery, dedicated technology support, assessment of learning to provide data for program enhancement and to support ongoing AACSB accreditation, and multiple onsite locations. In light of increased competition, additional efforts will be geared toward maintaining the reputation and presence of the UW Oshkosh MBA Program in our service area resulting in continued networking opportunities for MBA students and graduates.

Tuition balances are calculated approximately one week before the start of the semester. You can access your tuition amount due through your student account on TitanWeb.

Students are billed for any classes they are enrolled in at the time of the billing.  Once the billing is done, if a class is added after, students have not yet been formally billed and won’t be until the next billing, usually about a month later.  You are responsible for all course fees and will need to contact the Student Accounts Office with questions about balances and due dates.

Additional information regarding student accounts can be accessed at

Tuition Payment Options

Tuition can be paid in one of four ways.  Please visit the Student Financial Services website for a list of payment options.

Need a Tuition Receipt?

Please email Student Accounts at to request a tuition receipt. Tuition receipts should be processed within five business days.  Please contact Students Accounts with any questions.


A partial payment plan is available to give a student more time to pay a tuition bill. If the plan is activated, the student can pay the eligible charges in three installments during the fall and spring terms and two installments during the summer term.

To enroll in the Partial Payment plan, log into your TitanWeb account. In the Student Center (Home Page) under the “Finances” section, you will find the link to electronically read and sign the Payment Plan. If you have any questions or need assistance, feel free to contact the Student Accounts Office at (920) 424-1332 or

Any outstanding balance is subject to a 1 percent administrative fee assessed on the remaining balance. Paying the bill in full by the due date will ensure that the 1 percent administrative fee will not be added to the next bill. Students who do not receive an e-bill are still responsible for having either full or partial (10 percent) payment to the Cashier’s Office by 3 p.m. on the tuition due date. Costs incurred after the due date are due in five business days, or if on the partial payment plan, will be added to your next required payment.

LATE PAYMENT CHARGES: A late payment charge may be assessed if payment of fees is not received by the tuition deadline. Payments received after this date may result in withdrawal of courses and/ or an assessment for administrative costs up to $75. Withdrawal refers only to your registration — the amount owed may still be due.


Many organizations offer some kind of tuition assistance. Talk with your Human Resources Department to see what kind of funding options may be available. The MBA Office routinely works with students to supply them with the information needed to get reimbursement. For more information contact the MBA Office at (800) 633-1430.


Although your employer may offer tuition assistance, many students need additional support. To apply for financial aid visit and use FAFSA code 003920. For more information on financial aid options, visit or contact the UW Oshkosh Financial Aid Office at or (920) 424-3377. Note: If you are receiving tuition assistance, your awarded loan amount cannot exceed the program cost when combined with your employer contribution.


The UW Oshkosh Veterans Resource Center (VRC) is dedicated to providing support for our University’s active duty service members, veterans, guard members, reservists and dependents of veterans. For more information on Veteran Resources, contact Michelle Munns at (920) 424-0702 or by email at

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