Ashay Desai

Assistant Director for the Global Leadership Program, Professor
Management and Human Resources

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  • Ph.D. Strategic Management University of Memphis, TN 1998
  • MBA General Management University of Wyoming, Laramie 1993
  • MDBA Industrial Relations Institute of Management Development and Research, Pune, India 1990
  • B. Comm. Accountancy University of Pune, India 1988
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Conference Presentations:
  • DeArmond, S. E., Rau, B. L., Buelow, J., Desai, A. B., & Miller, A. . Teaching Professional Skills During the Pandemic: Does Delivery Mode Matter?. Academy of Management, Seattle, Washington, USA.
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  • Desai, A. B., & Tippins, M. . The Student Consulting Practicum: Applied Learning through Collaboration and Competition. AMA Summer Marketing Educators’ Conference, Chicago.
Professional Presentations:
    Awards and Honors:
    • Penson Award (2017, September 08) UW Oshkosh.
    • 2014 Outstanding Management Education article award (2015, May 08) Eastern Academy of Management.
    Contracts and Grants:
    • Wisconsin Teaching Scholar (2021) OPID's Wisconsin Teaching Fellows and Scholars program External .