Marianne Johnson


  • Ph.D. Economics Michigan State University 1999
  • MA Economics Michigan State University 1996
  • BA Econmics and International Relations University of Minnesota 1994
Dr. Johnson's research focuses on the history of public economics and public choice, particularly as related to public goods and public policy decision-making. She currently serves on the editorial boards of the Journal for the History of Economic Thought and Oeconomica. Dr. Johnson recently finished a five year term as co-editor for Research in the History of Economic Thought and Methodology. Dr. Johnson is the secretary for the History of Economics Society and former president of the Wisconsin Economics Association.
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Conference Presentations:
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Professional Presentations:
    Awards and Honors:
      Contracts and Grants:
      • Economics in Transition (Albania) U.S. State Department, Fulbright Program External .
      • Lecturing in Public Finance Fulbright Program, CIES External .