John Muraski

Assistant Professor
Information Systems

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  • DBA University Wisconsin Whitewater 2018
  • MBA Business Administration University of Wisconsin Whitewater 2013
  • MS Information Systems University of Wisconsin Oshkosh 2002
  • BA Political Science University of Wisconsin Green Bay 1996

Dr. John Michael Muraski is an accomplished Assistant Professor of Information Systems at the University of Wisconsin – Oshkosh, College of Business. He brings a wealth of industry experience to his academic career, with 20 years of professional practice in various sectors and a strong background in consulting.

Dr. Muraski's research interests lie in two primary areas. First, he seeks to understand the characteristics of new technology development that can improve the integration of software and employees within an organizational context. Second, he is dedicated to investigating the challenges and opportunities faced by high school and college students who may hesitate to pursue technology-related educational and career pathways.

In addition to these research areas, Dr. Muraski is keenly interested in exploring the impact of Generative AI on business and business processes. Similarly, he is committed to understanding how this cutting-edge technology can be effectively integrated into classroom instruction, preparing students for the rapidly evolving landscape of AI-driven solutions in the business world.

As a passionate educator and researcher, Dr. Muraski is dedicated to fostering student success and exploring the ever-evolving landscape of information systems and technology. To learn more about his professional experience and accomplishments, please visit his LinkedIn profile:


Conference Presentations:
  • Muraski, J. M., & Welch, A. . Hmong Student Mentorship: Increasing IS Student Success. AMCIS 2022, Minneapolis, MN.
  • Muraski, J. M., & Iversen, J. . Virtual IS Conference for HS Students. MWIAS 2022, Omaha, NE.
  • Muraski, J. M., & Kiss, N. . The Impact of Self-Efficacy from Virtual Job Shadows on High School Student’s Major Selection. SAP Next-Gen Chapter Conference (2021), Milwaukee, WI (Virtual).
  • Muraski, J. M. . Social Media Incivility & Sarcasm by Coaches in NCAA Recruitment. Twenty-Seventh Americas Conference on Information Systems (2021), Montreal, ON (Virtual).
  • Muraski, J. M., Dohan, M., & Wu, S. . Role of IS Job Shadows on College Student Major Selection. Twenty-Sixth Americas Conference on Information Systems (2020), Salt Lake City, UT (Virtual).
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Professional Presentations:
  • Muraski, J. Future of AI: Instructor Panel, UW Learning Technology Development Council. April 2023.
Awards and Honors:
  • College of Business Outstanding Faculty Award (2021) .
  • Dean's Excellence Award (2020) .
Contracts and Grants: