Nathan Stuart

Associate Professor

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Day(s): Tuesday and Thursday (ACCT 207)  email (Graduate Students)
Time(s): 10:00-11:10am (ACCT207)
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  • Ph.D. Accounting Indiana University 2001
  • MS Management and Chemical Engineering Massachusetts Institute of Technology 1992
  • BS Engineering and Chemical Engineering Princeton University 1987
  • Stuart, N., & Jiménez-Angueira, C. E. Overcoming common measures bias in performance evaluation judgments. Cost Management.
  • Haywood-Sullivan, B., & Stuart, N. (2016). Does Functional Experience Impair Cross-Pollination of the B…SC (Balanced Scorecard)? Management Accounting Quarterly.
  • Stuart, N., & Jansen, J. P. (2014). How to predict the market’s reaction when you announce an acquisition. Journal of Corporate Accounting and Finance/Wiley, 25(2), 43-49.
  • Stuart, N. (2013). Assessing the costs and benefits of investing in cost-system accuracy. Journal of Corporate Accounting and Finance, 25(1), 59-68.
  • Stuart, N., Jansen, I. P., Sanning, L. W., & (2013). On the relation between the relative size of acquisitions and the wealth of acquiring firms. Applied Economics Letters, 20(6), 534-539.
  • Stuart, N., & Jimenez-Angueira, C. E. (2013). Relative Performance Evaluation, Pay-for-Luck, and Double-Dipping in CEO Compensation. Review of Quantitative Finance and Accounting.
  • Stuart, N., Dzuranin, A. C., & Randolph, D. W. (2013). Doing more with less: Using non-cash incentives to improve employee performance. Journal of Corporate Accounting and Finance/Wiley, 24(5), 75-80.
  • Campbell, T., Fisher, J. G., & Stuart, N. (2012). Integrating Sustainability with Corporate Strategy: A Maturity Model for the Finance Function. Journal of Corporate Accounting and Finance/Wiley, 23(5), 61-68.
  • Stuart, N., & Dzuranin, A. C. (2012). The effect of tangible and intangible noncash rewards on satisfaction and performance in a production setting. Management Accounting Quarterly, 13(4), 1-9.
  • Jansen, I. P., Sanning, L. W., & Stuart, N. (2012). Do hubris and the information environment explain the effect of acquirers’ size on their gains from acquisitions? Journal of Economics and Finance.
  • Dowell, G. W., Shackell-Dowell, M. B., & Stuart, N. (2011). Boards, CEOs, and Surviving a Financial Crisis: Evidence from the Internet Shakeout. Strategic Management Journal, 32(10), 1025-1045.
  • Stuart, N. (2008). Diversification to Mitigate Expropriation in the Tobacco Industry. Journal of Financial Economics, 89(1), 136-157.
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