William Wresch


  • Ph.D. Education University of Wisconsin Madison 1983
  • MS Education University of Wisconsin Madison 1979
  • MA English San Francisco State University, San Francisco, CA 1972
  • BA English San Francisco State University, San Francisco, CA 1970
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  • Wresch, B., & Fraser, S. (2011). Persistent Barriers to E-commerce in Developing Countries: A Longitudinal study of efforts by Caribbean companies. Journal of Global Information Management.
  • Wresch, B. (2009). Progress on the global digital divide: an ethical perspective based on AMartya Sen's capabilties model. Ethics & Information Technology.
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  • Wresch, W. (2006). Managerial Strategies Used To Overcome Technological Hurdles: A Review Of E-Commerce Efforts Used By Innovative Caribbean Managers. Journal Of Global Information Management.
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  • Wresch, W. (1996). Disconnected: Haves And Have Nots In The Information Age. Rutgers University Press.
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