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Students learn best practices directly from professionals active across the field of sales, both on-campus and through field trips to local companies. Below is the information students will need to plan their class attendance.

The program is normally offered during Fall and Spring semesters. Students complete all 9 credits in one semester.

  • Sales Fundamentals – MARKET 331
    Study the role of sales within a business, the various sales positions and the sales process. Take a sales assessment to learn what strengths you can leverage as a sales professional.
  • Sales Management – MARKET 335
    Explore issues associated with recruiting, coaching, motivating and incentivizing sales professionals. Learn about developing forecasts, budgets, goals and sales strategy.
  • Advanced Sales Topics – MARKET 338
    Improve communication skills through various interactive exercises. Learn about customer relationship management trade shows, negotiating and more.


Marketing Department
Heather S. Veeser
Sales Program Manager

Become a Corporate Partner

Semester activities

Activities vary across semesters and many involve professionals who join the course as part of our Sales Coaches Council. Highlight activities typically include:

Field Trips

Students visit regional companies and learn how they support their sales teams. A typical semester includes four field trips. 


Breakout Sessions

Students interact with professionals to understand how sales roles and practices differ across companies and industries.

Guest Speakers

Speakers share their personal experiences about how they deal with specific sales-related issues.

Career Symposium

Companies provide suggestions for interviewing and on-boarding into sales positions during career symposium.

Skills Packages

Students complete an assessment package used by companies in order to identify their sales-related strengths and weaknesses.

Sales Competition

Students test their sales skills individually and in teams. Prizes Awarded.

Meet the Partners

Students meet Sales Coach partners, learn about sales in partner companies/industries, partners share information about ride-alongs, and students sign up for ride-alongs. Meet in Culver Family Welcome Center; ballrooms. (Note: parking permits are NOT required for the Welcome Center lot).

Sales Ride Along

During the Meet the Partners event, select partner companies, with whom you will visit.

The partner is typically a liaison and will connect you to potential hosts at their companies, and then you must connect with the host to schedule the interaction.

If you cannot reach your host, leave a voice message and follow up with an email, and then wait one day. If you have problems coordinating a visit please contact the UW Oshkosh sales program contact.

Corporate Partners

Regional businesses are an important part of the UW Oshkosh Professional Sales program.  Professionals from several companies comprise our Sales Coaches Council. The professionals work closely with our faculty and students to deliver relevant learning across this challenging and diverse field.