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Certificates in the College of Business

In addition to majors, minors and emphases, some departments in the College of Business offer certificate programs. Read more about certificate programs below. View the required coursework on the Certificate Planning Sheet.

College Wide Certificates

Business Analytics Certificate | 12 credits

This statistically rigorous certificate was created to meet the current statistical/data analysis needs of businesses; accordingly, the certificate consists of three research methods courses.

International Business Certificate | 9 credits

This International Business Certificate gives you knowledge and experience working with business functions in various parts of the world. The courses focus on working with different cultures and regulations of international business. This includes classes like global marketing and international finance. You may also be required to complete a course in another country.


*Not Open to Global Business minors.



Business Economics Certificate | 12 credits

The Business Economics Certificate serves as a smaller and more achievable version of the Business Economics minor for students who want to complete a general business and economics program but are unable to complete a full minor degree with their desired credit load.

International Economics Certificate | 15 credits

 The courses in this certificate program are centered on increasing students’ knowledge of international economic systems and trade and capital markets. The certificate also highlights economic systems in other regions of the world and includes a study abroad experience as an elective.

*Not available to BA/BS Economics majors.


Insurance and Risk Management Certificate | 9 credits

This certificate incorporates hands-on learning with our insurance partners through industry presentations, visits to insurance campuses, various networking events, and the offer of membership to Gamma Iota Sigma. Students will become more aware of the role that risk and insurance play in their own lives, as well as how society and businesses assess these concerns.

Finance and Investments Certificate | 9 credits

This nine-credit certificate will be especially attractive to economics majors, information system majors, and marketing majors who would like to work with financial institutions or investment firms. Many businesses and nonprofits desire graduates that can connect their major of study with finance and investments. 

*This certificate is only open to students with a business major (excluding Finance).

Financial Management Certificate | 9 credits

This certificate is especially attractive to human resources management majors, management majors, and supply chain management majors who would like to work with manufacturing firms or nonprofits. Many businesses and nonprofits desire graduates that can connect their major of study with financial management.

*This certificate is only open to students with a business major (excluding Finance).



Information Systems

Business Analysis Certificate | 12 credits

This Business Analysis Certificate will prepare students fo technology and business-related careers by focusing on understanding business, analysis and design, database and project management.

Cybersecurity Certificate | 12 credits

The cybersecurity certificate focuses on the practice of ensuring the integrity, confidentiality and availability of information, information systems and technology.

Information Systems Certificate | 12 credits

The Information Systems Certificate focuses  on providing a background on business, information systems, analysis and design and an introduction to coding.



Digital Marketing Certificate | 9 credits

Almost all businesses today engage in some form of digital marketing. More than one-third of UW Oshkosh Marketing students have an internship in digital marketing or social media management. Preparing for a career in digital marketing will prepare you for one of the hottest job categories in the field of Marketing. Customers find your business’s website through a search engine so marketers must understand how to optimize websites and use search engine ads to increase the likelihood customers find you on the web. Email marketing and social media can be great tools for promoting a business, product, service, experience or idea. Leveraging these tools properly will help you drive customers to your website. The internet provides the opportunity to track customers and learn more about their preferences. Armed with this data, companies have the ability to find more customers through a variety of digital channels. In this emphasis, students get hands-on practice on how to execute elements of a digital marketing strategy but also how to use specific performance-based feedback to adapt their marketing strategy to maximize performance.

Marketing Certificate | 12 credits

The field of marketing is built to complement many different courses of study, including (but not limited to):

  • Art – designing promotion materials
  • Communication – formulating promotional messages
  • Journalism – development targeted public relations messages
  • Psychology – theories underpinning consumer behavior
  • Mathematics – marketing analytics
  • Computer science – consumer data/big data management

Marketing Analysis and Insights Certificate | 12 credits

Management and Human Resources

Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) Certificate | 12 credits

This Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) certificate focuses on understanding the business process, the role of ERP, project management, analysis and hands-on usage of ERP systems.

Entrepreneurship and Innovation Certificate | 9 credits

Today every business needs to be innovative to compete and they seek employees who know something about innovation and entrepreneurship. This certificate provides students with an insight into how to successfully start new business ventures, and create innovation and growth in existing businesses with entrepreneurial thinking. The Certificate in Entrepreneurship and Innovation complements any major program at the university by providing a pathway to pursue the study of entrepreneurship and innovation in a cross-disciplinary approach - empowering students to think innovatively in their pursuit of knowledge.

Human Resource Management Certificate | 12 credits

Every future manager should know something about how to manage people. With this emphasis, students can explore important areas of human resource management that can help future employers follow legal standards while maximizing their effectiveness at managing the people that make up an organization.

Supply Chain

Supply Chain Management Certificate | 12 credits

Supply chain management became more prominent during 2020-2021 as companies struggled to maintain inventories. Our Supply Chain Management certificate provides key information for managing supply chains, modeling supply chain problems, and determining analytics to improve supply chain performance.  The 12-credit (4 course) supply chain management certificate can be completed in as little as two semesters.  Completing the certificate either on campus or entirely online offers students the flexibility to work around their internship/full-time job.

*Not available to Supply Chain majors


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