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Coursework Requirements

UW Colleges Courses Credits UW Oshkosh Courses
  1 Sec Edu 221 ACT Orientation
EDU 201 Concepts, Issues and Field Experiences in Education 3 Sec Edu 201 – Individual, School and Society
EDU 230 Education Psychology, EDU 250 or Psychology 330 3 Educational Psychology 380 or Edu Found 235 Child and Adolescent Development
EDU 300 The Exceptional Individual 3 Spec Edu 352 Children and Youth with Disabilities in General Education
Ethnic Studies* 2  
Instructional Technology* 2  
Total UW Colleges Credits 17  
  3 Sec Ed XXX [Content area] Teaching Methods
  4 Lit & Lang 435 Adolescent Literacy Methods
  10 Sec Edu 400 Student Teaching in Middle School and Student Teaching in High School
  2 Instructional Technology*
  19 Total UW Oshkosh Credits
Total Education Credits 31 (37)  
Content Coursework TBD As determined by transcript review

*Credits for these courses are included in the total education credits. However, many students have taken courses that meet the ethnic studies, instructional technology, and speech requirements before applying to the ACT Program. Students who have not met these requirements must take these courses or request credit for prior learning.

Course Search

Below are suggested links for online, hybrid or alternative delivery courses in education or content areas. All courses need to be approved prior to enrollment.

Distance Learning Wisconsin 

  • Distance Learning Wisconsin is your gateway to information about UW System courses and programs offered through distance education.
  • Browse by the desired subject. An advanced search is available.

UW Independent Learning

  • UW Independent Learning delivers non-degree, print-based independent learning courses and creative, e-learning solutions.
  • Choose “Course Catalog” to see available courses in the desired content or developmental area.
  • You are able to enroll in these courses at ANY time.
  • You have one year to complete the course.

Credit for Prior Learning

Credit for a specific course or statutory requirement may be awarded for prior learning if provided documentation meets the following requirements:

  • A written statement from the student describing the learning experience, including how the experience is similar to a specific course or requirement and show how fundamental principles and techniques of the subject were learned and applied in the workplace.
  • Written or electronic evidence, produced by the student, indicating what was learned through the experience (a unit of instruction, website, certificate of completion, etc.).
  • Verification of the learning and/or performance by an individual capable of providing an independent assessment of the student’s learning or performance (a supervisor’s evaluation, evaluation by a knowledgeable peer, workshop leader, etc.).

Each requirement above will be evaluated by the ACT program Director, or designate, as acceptable or unacceptable. Credit may be awarded for meeting 2 of the 3 requirements above if tangible evidence of a performance cannot be provided (for example, if the performance or supervisor’s evaluation would contain privileged information produced while the student was employed).

Refer to the UW System Transfer-Wisconsin to verify equivalency of any courses taken at UW Colleges to satisfy those requirements.