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Early Adolescence-Adolescence (EA-A)

The secondary education program in EA-A is designed to prepare candidates to teach students in grades 6-12. The secondary education program in EC-A allows candidates to teach their content from early childhood through high school.

Listed below are the steps required for obtaining additional licensure:

Transcript Review

Submit a Transcript Review Request to see which courses you must complete to obtain licensure for this new developmental level.

Program Application

For acceptance into the program, submit the Add-On Program Application to your Program Coordinator at the Center for Additional Teaching Licenses. 


Courses may be taken on campus (varied deliveries and compacted classes available), via distance learning and/or by submitting academic life experience.

Content Knowledge Proficiency

In order to receive an educator license in Wisconsin, the Wisconsin Department of Public Instruction requires applicants to demonstrate competency in the content knowledge of their specific license area.


In this experience, the candidate should teach/interact in multiple core components/content areas of the development level. Experience at both the early childhood and elementary levels (EC-MC)/elementary and content area (MC-EA) is required; current license experience will be considered.


You are required to submit a portfolio at the completion of your individualized program. Learn how to create a professional portfolio, 
aligned with the InTASC Standards, to document your growth in knowledge, skills and dispositions in the new developmental area.

License Application

After you have successfully completed all Program requirements, the center staff will submit, to the DPI, the documentation of your successful completion of all program requirements. You will receive an email once your completion data has been uploaded into the Educator Licensing Online (ELO) database with details relating to your role in the license application process. No license will be processed without the Center’s verification of completion.

For more information, please refer to the DPI website.

Program Evaluation

As in any effective classroom, data drives instruction. The importance of collecting, analyzing and using data for our Program’s growth and success is undeniable. As you move forward in your professional career, we would appreciate your insights and consideration of the following:

Complete the Add-On Licensure Program Completion Survey
Submit a short testimonial about your experience, along with a photo, for possible inclusion on our website to

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