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Library Media Specialist (1902)

Licensure Changes
The Wisconsin Department of Public Instruction has developed a new set of competencies for licensure. UW Oshkosh has undergone program changes to address these new content guidelines:

  • the two-stage license is now merged into one license.
  • coursework can be completed at the undergraduate level.
  • created an option for earning an initial license as a school librarian rather than adding it on to another teaching license.
Determine your status and complete the appropriate steps.
  • If you HAVE a teaching license and want to earn a master’s degree along with the 1902 license: If you seek the MS in Educational Leadership and Policy degree with a Library Media Specialist emphasis, apply as a candidate for the degree through the Office of Graduate Studies.  A criminal background check will be required as part of the application process – USE THIS LINK.  Follow the program as dictated by the Educational Leadership and Policy MS requirements, taking library courses at the graduate level through UWSSLEC
  • If you have a teaching license and want to earn the 1902 license at the post-bac level: Follow the application process for the Post-Baccalaureate Library Media Specialist Certificate Program below. This allows you to take courses at the undergraduate level. These cannot later become graduate courses, so make sure you do not want to work on the master’s degree from the start.
  • If you do not have a teaching license but have at least a bachelor’s degree and want to earn the 1902 initial license: Follow the application process for the Post-Baccalaureate Library Media Specialist Certificate Program below.

Post-Bac Library Media Licensure Requirements

Follow the application process for the Post-Baccalaureate Library Media Specialist Certificate Program below.

For those interested in pursuing licensure through the post-baccalaureate opportunity, please use the following directions:
  1. EMAIL – Send an email indicating interest in the Post-Baccalaureate Library Media Specialist Certificate Program and intent to apply to Chris Hendee at
  2. TRANSCRIPTS – Have OFFICIAL transcripts forwarded directly from the institution[s] to:
    • Electronic documents can be forwarded to Chris Hendee at
    • By mail:  Chris Hendee, University of Wisconsin Oshkosh,
      College of Education and Human Services, Department of Educational Leadership and Policy
      800 Algoma Blvd.,
      Oshkosh, WI 54901
    The Department will conduct a review of transcripts to determine admission status. The review will first determine admission eligibility (GPA) and then courses that will still be required for licensure.  See requirements below.
  4. APPLY FOR A CRIMINAL BACKGROUND CHECK, APPLY TO UWO, AND APPLY TO UWSSLEC (University of Wisconsin System School Library Education Consortium)

Upon determination of courses still required, you will be notified and can then apply to UW Oshkosh as a SPECIAL STUDENT at the UNDERGRADUATE level.  An application fee is not required.  Do not apply until the review has been completed.  Successful completion of a background check will also be required — USE THIS LINK.  You must also apply to UWSSLEC.  Upon acceptance, you can begin taking courses on campus and/or through UWSSLEC to satisfy all requirements. Some courses are only available through UWSSLEC.

Baccalaureate Requirements

Transcript review must show successful completion of a course focused on each of the following:

    • Ethnic Studies
    • Speech
    • Educational Psychology [UWO Ed Psych 380 or Ed Found 235]
    • Foundations of Education [UWO Sec Ed 201]
    • Special Needs in Education [UWO Spec Ed 352]
    • Literacy Education [UWO Literacy 435]
    • Teaching Methods course [If you do not hold a teaching license, you must take Methods in Library Media–UWO Ed Ldrsp 360]

[Courses do not have to be completed on the UW Oshkosh campus. Course numbers represent UW Oshkosh course equivalents]

UWSSLEC Requirements   [Unless verified as satisfied via transcript review]

    • Literature for Children* [EDL 302]
    • Literature for Young Adults* [EDL 303]
    • Information Literacy [EDL 304]
    • Organizing Information [EDL 317]
    • Digital Tools* [EDL 325]
    • Finding and Using Information [EDL 329]
    • Library Administration [EDL 334]
    • Librarians as Leaders [EDL 415]
    • Student Teaching (Clinical Experience) [EDL 471] – This course is ONLY available on the UW Oshkosh campus

*Courses that can be taken on UW Oshkosh campus or through UWSSLEC




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