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Fox Valley Writing Project

Growing writers, readers and leaders.

Based out of the UW Oshkosh College of Education and Human Services, the Fox Valley Writing Project (FVWP) began in 1986 as a local network affiliated with the National Writing Project. Based on the principle of “teachers teaching teachers,” FVWP bring K-12 educators across disciplines and at all levels to work together in a collaborative network that empowers teachers to grow as teachers of literacy, as readers, as writers, and as professional leaders themselves.

We believe that effective professional development provides frequent and ongoing opportunities for teachers to practice and examine theory collaboratively. At the core of our practice and methodology is a combination of professional experience and research-based practices with a focus on continual reflection. We work with districts to provide professional development opportunities that bring the central philosophy of the FVWP to the diverse needs of individual districts and participants.

Currently our programming is taking a bit of a break. Please join our mailing list if you would like to be notified when we restart. 


Bailey Herrmann, Director




  • In the value, and the power, of teachers teaching teachers.
  • Building professional networks between all educators, early childhood through university status.
  • Technology is integrated throughout all our work.
  • Professional development is ongoing and interactive.
  • Research-based practices should be combined with professional experience.
  • Literacy is taught throughout all subject areas.
  • Effective teachers of literacy are literate themselves as readers, writers, and digital literacy participants.
  • Professional development opportunities bring the philosophy of the FVWP to the diverse needs of individual districts and participants.