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What is the edTPA™?

The edTPA™ is a performance-based, subject-specific, summative assessment required for Wisconsin teacher licensure. The assessment allows teacher candidates to translate their knowledge and skills into practice and demonstrate what they can and will do the job to improve student learning.

It is designed to showcase teacher candidates’ subject-specific planning, instruction, assessment and reflective reasoning through the evaluation of:

  • clearly defined, aligned lessons developed around contextual knowledge of student assets.
  • positive learning environments built on mutual respect and rapport.
  • the varied methodology was chosen to meet diverse students needs.
  • consistent informal and formal evaluation to check for student understanding and ongoing adjustments to maintain effective teaching.

“edTPA™ is a trademark of The Board of Trustees of the Leland Stanford Junior University (Stanford University) and administered exclusively by NCS Pearson, Inc. under license. This material [or content] is not endorsed or approved by Stanford or NCS Pearson.”

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Wisconsin Passing Scores

for a handbook with 15 rubrics (most handbooks)

for a handbook with 13 rubrics (World Languages)