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COLS Awards

At the Opening Day celebrations each academic year, the College of Letters & Science acknowledges the extraordinary work of faculty and staff members in advancing the priorities outlined in our Strategic Plan, to provide students with “individual and community responsibility, developed through real-world challenges and active involvement with diverse communities.”

To underscore the importance of these goals and their centrality to the liberal education we strive to give our students, the COLS Dean’s Office recognizes extraordinary achievements in four critical areas of our mission:

Community Engagement Award

The Community Engagement Award will honor those faculty and academic staff members who embody the “Wisconsin Idea” by being extensively involved in collaborative community relationships. The award recognizes extraordinary public service on behalf of the University of Wisconsin Oshkosh to local communities involving assistance, research and outreach to businesses, municipalities and nonprofits. The individual will have made impressive contributions to improving the quality of life and economy in Wisconsin. Likewise, the individual will have engaged students in community collaborative projects as a part of classroom learning, research activities or internship opportunities throughout the community.

Diversity Leadership Award

The Diversity Leadership Award will honor University members who have demonstrated leadership in and promotion of an improved campus climate around diversity in one or more of the following ways:

  • By educating students and/or the University community about diverse peoples (we encourage a broad understanding of the term “educating” in this context, acknowledging that teaching happens in all kinds of ways across the University)
  • By promoting the recruitment and/or retention of diverse students, faculty and staff
  • By affirming the lives, experiences and presence of diverse students, staff and faculty within the University
  • By advocating to ensure an environment of safety, equity and respect for people of diverse races, ethnicities, religions, abilities, ages, classes, sexualities, sexes and genders
Excellence in Mentoring Award

The Excellence in Mentoring Award recognizes faculty and academic staff members who demonstrate exceptional leadership and innovation in advising and mentoring students in one or more of the following ways:

  • By inspiring innovative research as well as high academic achievement among students
  • By providing students with unique opportunities such as internships and collaborative research that increase their potential of transitioning successfully to a career
  • By offering outstanding support to students which increases their professional and personal development
  • By seeking to increase the retention rate of students and to promote their sense of inclusion
Global Education Award

The Global Education Award recognizes faculty and academic staff members who demonstrate extraordinary innovation and leadership in supporting global learning among our students. We understand global education to encompass learning that helps students explore what it means to be responsible citizens in today’s global context. We seek, therefore, to acknowledge faculty and staff members who have enhanced global learning in one or more of the following ways:

  • By situating study abroad as a vehicle for global learning within the broader goals of liberal education
  • By infusing global issues and concerns in courses on campus that help students understand the diverse world in which we live
  • By helping students become more knowledgeable about the issues and challenges facing our global community, through the promotion of intercultural interaction on campus.

View the PDF version of award descriptions here.

All members of COLS may nominate faculty and instructional academic staff members for any of the awards. (Self-nominations are not accepted.) Nominees must be currently employed as faculty or academic staff members of UW Oshkosh and have a minimum of three years consecutive employment at the university.

A call for nominations will occur in the spring semester. Each award carries a small honorarium and is presented during the Opening Day meeting of the College of Letters & Science in September.

Past COLS Award Recipients
Community Engagement Award
  • 2011- Carmen Heider (Communication Studies)
  • 2012- Maureen Muldoon (Geology)
  • 2013- Emmet Sandberg (Art)
  • 2014- Jeffery Behm (Religious Studies and Anthropology)
  • 2015- Michael Lueder (USP)
  • 2016- Paul Van Auken (Sociology)
  • 2017- Nathan Krueger (Music)
  • 2018- Michael Ford (Public Administration)
  • 2019- Kevin Crawford (Chemistry)
  • 2020- Pawel Olszewski (Engineering Technology)
  • 2021- Steve Sheehan (History)
Diversity Leadership Award
  • 2011- Irma Burgos (Center for Academic Support and Diversity)
  • 2011- Liz Cannon (Social Justice/LGBTQ Resource Center)
  • 2011- Flora Stapel (Admissions)
  • 2012- Alejandro Mendoza (Advising)
  • 2012- Patricia VanderLoop (Nursing)
  • 2013- Norlisha Crawford (English/African American Studies)
  • 2014- Courtney Kurtz (Biology)
  • 2015- Jerry Thomas (Political Science)
  • 2016- Stephanie May de Montigny (Religious Studies and Anthropology)
  • 2017- Susan Rensing (History and Women’s and Gender Studies)
  • 2018- Jennifer Schuttlefield Christus (Chemistry)
  • 2019- Heidi Nicholls (Anthropology, Global Religions, & Cultures)
  • 2020- Paisley Harris (History)
  • 2021- Paul Van Auken (Sociology)
Excellence in Mentoring Award
  • 2011- Dana Vaughan (Biology)
  • 2012- Crystal Mueller (English)
  • 2013- Robert Sipes (Kinesiology)
  • 2014- Quin Chrobak (Psychology)
  • 2015- Mark Bowen (Geography and Urban Planning)
  • 2015- John Strous (Medical Technology)
  • 2016- Victoria Beck (Criminal Justice)
  • 2017- Jordan Karsten (Anthropology & Religious Studies)
  • 2018- M. Elsbeth McPhee (Environmental Studies and Biology)
  • 2019- Barb Benish (Journalism)
  • 2020- Eric Hiatt (Geology)
  • 2021- Gabriel Loiacono (History)
Global Education Award
  • 2011- Eric Kuennen (Math)
  • 2011- Druscilla Scribner (Political Science)
  • 2012- Douglas Haynes (English)
  • 2013- Lawrence Carlin (Philosophy)
  • 2014- Courtney Bauder (Social Justice)
  • 2015- Michael Rutz (History)
  • 2016-
    • Heike Alberts (Geography and Urban Planning)
    • Monika Hohbein-Deegen (Foreign Languages and Literatures)
  • 2017- Yoshiro Hanai (Foreign Languages and Literatures)
  • 2018- Angela Subulwa (Geography)
  • 2019- Tracy Slagter (Political Science and International Studies)
  • 2020- Erin DeMuynck (Geography)
  • 2021- Alicia Johnson (Women’s and Gender Studies and the Women’s Center)
Service Recognition Award Program

Our lives are often made easier (and sometimes more enjoyable) by dedicated people who go beyond their assigned responsibilities to extend a helping hand. The College’s Service Recognition Award Program is a small by important way to send a message of appreciation to these marvelous colleagues — faculty, staff, or student employees.

We encourage you to nominate people whose actions merit special recognition.

The intent in creating this award was to not only recognize the people who are always willing to take the extra step to help others, but to make all of us more aware of how wonderfully we are served by them. We think it is important to note that these daily gifts are not necessarily big, dramatic gestures. The “extras” we get arise from generosity of spirit; they can change our day without aiming to change the world.

Past Service Recognition Award Recipients

2011-2012 Fall-

  • Emmet Sandberg, Art
  • Justine Stokes, Communication

2011-2012 Spring-

  • Paul Van Auken, Sociology
  • Stephanie Spehar, Religious Studies & Anthropology

2012-2013 Spring-

  • Students Elizabeth Weir, Lauren Hahn, Jeff Farvour, & Kevin Pontius, Science Outreach
  • Student Courtney Hawkins, Student Support Services

2013-2014 Spring-

  • Sandy Brucks, English
  • Ashley Jackowski, English
  • Mary Bleser, Psychology
  • Kathy Lutzke, Psychology

2014-2015 Spring-

  • Jennifer Considine, Communication

2015-2016 Spring-

  • Rebecca Habeck, Foreign Languages and Literatures
  • Debbie Gray Patton, University Studies Program (USP)
  • Ann Trabbold, Mathematics

2018-2019- Angelee Hammond (Political Science)

2019-2020- Renee Pasewald (Social Work)

2020-2021- Gregory Potratz (Chemistry)

University-wide Awards

Endowed Professorship

Endowed professorships are awarded to faculty members who demonstrate outstanding research and engagement in community service. Funded by local sponsors, the awards support research projects and professorial development for a four-year term.

Click here for more information.

John McNaughton Rosebush Professorship

The John McNaughton Rosebush Professorship was created by Chancellor Edward M. Penson in 1980 as an award for excellence in teaching and professional achievement by members of the UW Oshkosh teaching faculty. Up to four may be awarded each year with faculty, staff and students nominating for this prestigious honor. The award serves to reinforce the connection between teaching, scholarship, research, public service and creative pursuits, and the University’s total commitment to academic excellence. Created as the highest award for teaching and professional excellence at UW Oshkosh, the award is named after the man who was director of development and the UW Oshkosh Foundation in the 1970s. Click here for more information.

Frederick Schapsmeier, History1979Zillur Khan, Political Science1992
William Sloey, Biology1979Kuang-Ming Wu, Philosophy1992
Farouk Sankari, Political Science1981Norris Jones, Geology1995
William Urbrock, Religious Studies1981James Paulson, Chemistry1995
Kenneth Grieb, International Studies1982Susan McFadden, Psychology1997
John Burr, Philosophy1983James Chaudoir, Music1998
Paul Donhauser, Art1983Lane Earns, History1999
Charles Fetter, Geology1983Estella Lauter, English2000
David Chang, Political Science1984Paul Klemp, English2002
Watson Parker, History1984Lee McCann, Psychology2003
Baron Perlman, Psychology1984Andrea Gullickson, Music2004
Neil Harriman, Biology1985John Koker, Mathematics2004
Robert Snyder, Radio/TV/Film1985Greg Adler, Biology/Microbiology2005
Robert Berner, English1986Kathleen Corley, Religious Studies and Anthropology2005
Brian McKnight, Geology1986Marguerite Helmers, English2006
Dorothy Parker, Biology1986Simon Sibelman, Foreign Languages & Literatures2006
John Lucas, Mathematics1988Richard Kallinoski, Theatre2007
John Karl, Physics1989David Siemers, Political Science2010
Gene LaBerge, Geology1989Pamela Gemin, Englsih2012
Edward Linenthal, Religious Studies1989Jennifer Szydlik, Mathematics2012
Wener Braatz, History1990William Mode, Geology2013
Vincent Almazan, Foreign Languages & Literatures1991Brant Kedrowski, Chemistry2014
Ibrahim Mahmoud, Biology1991Timothy Paulsen, Geology2014
Eric Hiatt, Geology2015

Edward M. Penson Distinguished Teaching Award
Each year the University of Wisconsin Oshkosh recognizes the contributions of its faculty and instructional academic staff members with the Edward M. Penson Distinguished Teaching Award.
The purpose of the Distinguished Teaching Award is to emphasize the University’s commitment to teaching excellence and stressing the importance of teaching to the University. Click here for more information and requirements to apply.
Robert Feldman, English1992Donna Altepeter, Social Work2005
Charles Thomas, Foreign Languages & Literatures1992Joyce Andrews, Music2005
Don Burdick, CommunicationRichard Kallinoski, Theatre2005
Susan McFadden, Psychology1993Kay Neal, Communication2005
Tim Crimmins, Chemistry1994Barbara Rosenthal, Art2005
Jack Kile, Communication1995Gregory Adler, Biology/Microbiology2006
Simon Sibelman, Foreign Languages & Literatures1995Margaret Hostetler, English2006
Paul Klemp, English1996Kimberly Rivers, History2006
Andrew O'Shaughnessey, History1996Susana Winterfeld, Foreign Languages & Literatures2006
Tom Laudon, Geology1997Andrezej Dziedzic, Foreign Languages & Literature2007
James Benson, Communication1998Roy Hoglund, Theatre2007
Maguerite Helmers, English1998Walter Messner, Music2007
Douglas Heil, Communication1999William Mode, Geology2007
Michael Briley, Physics & Astronomy1999Stephen Kercher, History2008
Robert Moore, Chemistry2000Thomas Rowland, History2008
Fumiko Fukata, Foreign Languages & LIteratures2001Ann Vogel, Communication2008
Kathleen Stetter, Psychology2001Todd Sandrin, Biology/Microbiology2008
John Koker, Mathematics2002Brant Kedrowski, Chemistry2009
Baron Perlman, Psychology2002Robert Wise, Biology/Microbiology2010
Sandra Neuendorf, Chemistry2002Laurence Carlin, Philosophy2011
Jane Wypiszynski, Communication2002Douglas Roubidoux, Communication2011
Gary Coll, Journalism2003Stephen Szydlik, Mathematics2011
Frances Rauscher, Psychology2003Heike Alberts, Geography & Urban Planning2012
Teri Shors, Biology/Microbiology2003Eric Hiat, Geology2012
Cary Henson, English2003Tracy Slagter, Political Scieince2012
Ben Jarman, Communication2003David Jones, Criminal Justice2013
Franca Barricelli, History2004Timothy Paulsen, Geology2013
Karl Boehler, English2004
Gregory Olson, Communication2004
Jennifer Szydlik, Mathematics2004
William Wacholtz, Chemistry2004
Sniffen Faculty Governance Service Award

The purpose of the Barbara G. Sniffen Faculty Governance Service Award is to emphasize the critical role of faculty service activities in the functioning of the University, and to recognize individuals who have compiled truly exceptional service records over the course of their careers at the University of Wisconsin Oshkosh. Click here for more information.

Outstanding Service Award

UW Oshkosh has many nonteaching faculty and academic staff members whose contributions enhance the University’s overall academic environment and support our educational goals. The Outstanding Service Award recognizes excellence of service that touches each member of the University community. Click here for more information.

Outstanding Performance Award

The University’s Outstanding Performance Award recognizes exemplary members of the University staff whose activities, accomplishments, and service are most deserving of acknowledgment.

Inclusive Excellence Award

The purpose of the Inclusive Excellence Award is to emphasize the critical role that inclusivity plays on this campus. This award recognizes faculty or staff members who promote equity, inclusion, and diversity on campus.

Edward M. Penson Faculty Award

The Edward M. Penson Faculty Award recognizes faculty members who have made significant contributions to their colleges and the University.

LGBTQ+ Ally Award

The UW Oshkosh LGBTQ+ Ally Award is dedicated to creating a stronger and more affirming campus environment for teaching, learning, serving and growing. The purpose of the award is to recognize a UW Oshkosh employee who is neither a member of nor an out member of the LGBTQ+ community for their excellence in leadership, advocacy, and support of the LGBTQ+ community.

Queer Faculty/Staff Award

The UW Oshkosh Queer Faculty/Staff Award recognizes a queer staff or faculty member at UW Oshkosh for their excellence in advocacy, teaching, service, leadership and/or research on behalf of people of LGBTQ+ identities. The impact of such work includes, as well as exceeds, the critical role of validating the lives of queer students, faculty, staff and community members.

UW-System Awards

Regents Teaching Excellence Award

The University of Wisconsin System Board of Regents honors two faculty members and one department from the UW System for career achievement in teaching with this $7,500 award.

Regents Academic Staff Award of Excellence

The University of Wisconsin System Board of Regents honors two non-instructional academic staff members from the UW System for exceptional service to their universities with this $5,000 award.

Regents Diversity Award

The University of Wisconsin Board of Regents honors individuals and programs from the UW System that foster access and success in university life for historically underrepresented populations.