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University of Wisconsin Oshkosh
College of Letters and Science
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Nursing Education Building
Room 101

Phone: (920) 424-1222

College of Letters and Science Standing Committees 2017-2018

View the descriptions of the Committees: here.

More information about COLS governance and COLS Committees can be found in our Bylaws.

Agendas and Minutes for COLS Committee meetings should be sent to

Note: Chairs were elected at the first meeting in Fall 2017.

##- Serving second consecutive term


Faculty Committee   
FAPAJane Purse-WiedenhoeftTheatre9/1/20178/31/2019
HUMNadia LouarForeign Languages & Lit9/1/20178/13/2018
Kathleen CorleyReligious Studies and Anthro9/1/20178/31/2019
MSTodd KostmanBiology9/1/2016 8/31/2018
Stephen SzydlikMathematics9/1/2017 8/31/2019
SSDavid LishnerPsychology9/1/2017 8/31/2019
Michael Rutz
History9/1/2017 8/31/2018
Tenure and Renewal   
FAPAEli KalmanMusic9/1/20178/31/2019
HUMLarry HerzbergPhilosophy9/1/2016 8/31/2018
Tony PalmeriCommunication Studies9/1/20178/31/2019
MSKenneth Price (CHAIR)Math9/1/2016 8/31/2018
David Furcy Computer Science 9/1/2017 8/31/2019
SSAngela Subulwa Geography/Urban Planning9/1/20168/31/2018
Anna Filipova Public Administration9/1/2017 8/31/2019
FAPARichard Kalinoski Theatre9/1/20178/31/2019
HUMRoberta Maguire## (CHAIR)English 9/1/2016 8/31/2018
Isabel Alvarez Foreign Languages & Lit9/1/20178/31/2019
MSStephen Szydlik##Mathematics9/1/2016 8/31/2018
William Mode##Geology9/1/2017 8/31/2019
SSDavid Jones Criminal Justice9/1/20178/31/2018
David Siemers Political Science9/1/2017 8/31/2019
Program Review   
FAPAEli KalmanMusic9/1/2016 8/31/2018
HUMNadia LouarForeign Languages & Lit9/1/20178/31/2019
Jordan Karsten* (Chair)Religious Studies/Anthro.9/1/20168/31/2018
MSYijun TangChemistry9/1/2016 8/31/2018
Barton Pritzl Physics and Astronomy9/1/2017 8/31/2019
SSGabriel Loiacono##History9/1/2016 8/31/2018
Angela SubulwaGeography/Urban Planning9/1/2017 8/31/2019
Student Academic   
FAPAAllison WelchArt9/1/20178/31/2019
Eric Barnum Music9/1/2017 8/31/2019
HUMLarry Herzberg Philosophy9/1/2016 8/31/2018
Beth Hubbard*
MSLinfeng Xie Chemistry9/1/2016 8/31/2018
Courtney KurtzBiology9/1/2017 8/31/2019
SSAnna Filipova*
Public Administration9/1/2016 8/31/2018
Tracy Slagter Political Science9/1/2017 8/31/2019
FAPAJohn Mayrose## (CHAIR)Music9/1/2016 8/31/2018
HUMElena Gonzalez-MuntanerForeign Languages & Lit.9/1/2016 8/31/2018
Christine Roth English9/1/20178/31/2019
MSDavid Furcy## Computer Science9/1/2016 8/31/2018
David Dilkes Biology 9/1/2017 8/31/2018
SSJames FreyHistory9/1/2016 8/31/2018
Druscilla Scribner Political Science9/1/2017 8/31/2019
Academic Council for Interdisciplinary Studies   
FAPADevin OttoMusic9/1/2016 8/31/2018
HUMKristine NicoliniJournalism9/1/20178/31/2018
Monika Hohbein-DeegenForeign Languages & Lit.9/1/20178/31/2019
MSJoan Hart##Mathematics9/1/2016 8/31/2018
Yijun TangChemistry9/1/2017 8/31/2019
SSMichael Jasinski (CHAIR)Political Science9/1/2016 8/31/2018
Aaron KarstPsychology9/1/2017 8/31/2019

The College of Letters and Science Equity, Diversity, and Inclusive Climate (EDIC) Committee is formed in response to the results of the Campus Climate Survey and the Equity Scorecard. The EDIC Committee brings together faculty, academic staff, students, and classified staff who have demonstrated previous involvement and continued commitment to equity, diversity, and creation of an inclusive climate.

Equity, Diversity, and Inclusive Climate 
Carmen HeiderCommunication StudiesFaculty
Courtney BauderSocial JusticeInstructional Academic Staff
Crystal MuellerEnglish and Writing CenterInstructional Academic Staff
Chris AnnisReeveProfessional Academic Staff
Danielle KvamCommunication StudiesFaculty
Dennis RiouxPhysics & Astronomy and Engineering TechnologyFaculty
Eliza FarrowWomen's CenterClassified Staff
Emmet SandbergArtFaculty
Jennifer ChristusChemistry and Women & ScienceFaculty
Jordan LandryEnglish and CETLFaculty
Juyeon SonSociologyFaculty
Tony LaingMOCI and AASPProfessional Academic Staff
Rocío CortésForeign Languages and Literatures Faculty
Shu-Yueh LeeJournalismFaculty
Susan RensingHistory and Women's & Gender StudiesFaculty
Erin McArthurPolk LibraryProfessional Academic Staff