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COLS Administrative Handbook

Chapter 1: Adding or Replacing Faculty and Staff
  • Criteria for Allocating Faculty Resources
  • Requests for New Academic Positions
  • FORM: Request for a New Academic Position
  • Filling Vacant Positions
  • FORM: Return of a Vacant Position
  • Recruitment and Appointment
  • Conversion from Academic Staff to Faculty Procedure – note: this is a separate link
  • Tested (Equivalent) Experience Policy
  • Hiring Procedure for Faculty and Academic Staff
  • Evaluation of Credentials Before Preparing Affirmative Action Form
  • Preparation of Affirmative Action Form
  • Scheduling of On-Campus Interviews
  • Recommendation of Candidate Following Interview
  • Re-Hiring Part-time and Temporary Academic Staff
  • Hiring Unclassified Staff from Another UW Institution

Click here to open a .pdf of Chapter 1.

Chapter 2: Retention, Renewal, Promotion, Post-Tenure
  • Mentoring Program
  • Policy on Reappointment and Tenure
  • Outside Letters for Tenure & Promotion Decisions
  • Distribution of Tenure and Renewal Guidelines
  • Inclusion of Teaching Evaluations with Tenure/Renewal & Promotion Files
  • Policy on the Minimum Size of Departmental Promotion Committees
  • Materials to be Included in Promotion Documentation
  • Post-Tenure Review Policy

Click here to open a .pdf of Chapter 2.

Chapter 3: Program Proposals
  • New Program Planning and Approval

Click here to open a .pdf of Chapter 3.

Chapter 4: Instructional Resources
  • Permanent Property Requests
  • Classroom and Laboratory Modernization

Click here to open a .pdf of Chapter 4.

Chapter 5: Student Issues
  • Probation and Suspension Policy
  • Review of Probation/Suspension Status
  • Student Appeals Policy
  • Student Grievance Procedures

Click here to open a .pdf of Chapter 5.

Chapter 6: Faculty Issues
  • Course Syllabi Policy
  • Independent Study/Related Readings Contract Policy
  • Credit for Prior Learning
  • Proctoring Policy
  • Course Repeat Policy
  • Course Cancellation Policy
  • Policy on Student Internships
  • Release Time Policy for Thesis/Field Project Supervision
  • Policy for Proctored Exams for Online COLS Courses
  • Online and Hybrid Course Guidelines

Click here to open a .pdf of Chapter 6.

Chapter 7: Chair Issues

Click here to open a .pdf of Chapter 7.

Chapter 8: Teaching Load
  • Individual and Departmental Curriculum Modification Plans

Click here to open a .pdf of Chapter 8.

Chapter 9: College Travel Policy
  • Overview
  • International Conference Travel Policy
  • Interdisciplinary Travel Initiative

Click here to open a .pdf of Chapter 9.

Chapter 10: Office Assignment Guidelines
Chapter 11: Student Groups
  • Student Allocation Committee Guidelines
  • Student Organization Travel Using State Vehicles

Click here to open a .pdf of Chapter 11.

Chapter 12: Classified Staff