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University of Wisconsin Oshkosh
College of Letters and Science
800 Algoma Blvd.
Oshkosh, WI 54901-8660

Front Office:
Swart 128

Phone: (920) 424-1222

Forms, Policies, and Procedures

Curricular Forms

Click here to find the following forms:

  • Form A: New Course — form used for creating a new course
  • Form A: Instructions
  • Form B: Course Revisions — form used for making revisions to an existing course
  • Form B: Instructions
  • Form C: Existing Program Revisions — form used for revisions to an existing Program
  • Form C: Instructions
  • Trial Course Attachment
  • UW Program Planning, Review and Approval Process
  • Minor Emphasis Process
  • Approval of Certificate Program

COLS Procedures:

  • Form is completed and approved by academic department.
  • Obtain approval and signature from other departments, as needed.
  • Submit to Lisa Danielson, Registrar’s Office, for signature.
  • Submit TWO hard copies to the COLS Dean’s Office.
  • Email electronic copy of form to Associate Dean and

Curriculum Policies & Academic Approval Procedures (including Approval & Review Level Matrices) 

University Studies Program (USP) Curricular Forms

Click here to find the following forms:

  • University Studies Program: Course Approval Form
  • USP Process Flowchart

Forms should be submitted to the COLS Dean’s Office in the same manner as Curriculum Forms. Courses requesting Global Citizenship or Global Scholar designtations must be signed by the chair of the Global Scholar Council prior to coming to the Dean’s Office. Visit the University Studies Program Website.


The College supports travel for presentations at scholarly events. Talk to your department chair for more information.

Questions regarding using e-Reimbursement should be directed to Michelle Highly in Travel/Accounts Payable.

COLS Cross-Listed Course Procedure

For information regarding COLS Cross-Listed Course Procedure, please click the link here.

Peer Reviewers

If you are having difficulty finding an appropriate peer reviewer, please contact the College of Letters and Science office at (920) 424-1222 or

Tenure/Renewal/Promotion/Post-Tenure Review


Probationary faculty (whether hired under single-year or two-year initial appointments) may be considered for renewal for subsequent two- or three-year terms, subject to conditions.

Tenure decisions for faculty are made at the end of the sixth year of service or five and one-half years of service for those who either began at the start of a spring semester or who had an odd number of semester leaves of absence. Under exceptional circumstances faculty who hold the rank of associate professor may seek tenure prior to their sixth year. (FAC 4.E.1. General Considerations)

Procedures for faculty members and academic staff are set forth in:

Forms are available on the Academic Affairs (Faculty/IAS) or Human Resources (Professional Staff) web sites or by clicking here for Faculty/IAS: RENEWAL/TENURE FORM, or
here for Professional Staff: PERFORMANCE EVALUATION FORM

Click here for: What to include in Tenure/Renewal/Promotion binders


From FAC 5.B.3:

Consistent with the mission of this university, the most important criterion is teaching effectiveness which is a necessary, but not sufficient, basis for promotion.  For faculty with no teaching assignments, performance or professional responsibilities which are directly related to their assignment shall be the most important criterion for promotion. (Faculty whose responsibilities are primarily non-teaching but who also teach will be evaluated for classroom performance as well as for professional assignments.)

Procedures for faculty members are set forth in:

Forms are available by clicking here:
Unclassified Promotion Form

Click here for: What to include in Tenure/Renewal/Promotion binders


Post-tenure reviews are designed to ensure the maintenance of a quality faculty necessary to
fulfill the mission of the College of Letters and Sciences at the University of Wisconsin
Oshkosh. It is primarily a peer-review process that is based upon discipline-specific

Procedures for faculty members and academic staff are set forth in:

The Form is available by clicking here: PTR.form.COLS

Program Review

Academic program review will occur every seven years except for new programs which must undergo a joint System and institution review after five years as specified in ACIS-1. Every effort will be made to schedule reviews to coincide with scheduled accreditation visits.

Program faculty and Deans should seek evaluation by external consultants as a supplement to the internal self-study.  Consultants will be selected by program faculty in consultation with the Dean and Provost and Vice Chancellor.  Consultant honoraria will be funded by the Provost’s Office; other expenses will be funded by the Department/College.

The program self-study document should not exceed 25 pages in length (excluding appendices),  using a 1 ½” left margin and 1″ right, top, and bottom margins, 12 pt font size, and double spacing.  Both the document and appendices are to be as brief as possible.

Process – Information about the program review process can be found on the Office of the Provost website, including program review schedules, program review routing sheet and Program Review Process Handbook Excerpt:

Program Review – Academic Affairs

Specific College of Letters and Science information:

COLS Program Review Timeline

COLS Travel for Guests



Hiring & Rehiring


Paperwork required to hire/rehire or make adjustments to an employee’s status can be found on the Human Resources website:

  • COLS Blanket Ad: All possible part- and full-time teaching positions for the academic year are advertised and posted in the preceding spring semester. Contact Jane Luker ( with questions.
Performance Evaluations
Performance evaluations are an important part of performance management and determining solid performance for pay plans. They are required to be completed at least annually based on the calendar year. 
University Staff, Professional (Non-Instructional) Academic Staff, and Limited Appointments 
  • 2020 starts new e-Performance system. Training material and instructions on accessing e-Performance ionline.
  • Due to COLS Dean’s Office by February 19
  • Due to Human Resources by March 1 (allow time for all levels of approval)
  • Contact HR Office with questions
 Fixed-Term Terminal (FTT) Instructional Academic Staff
  • Please click here for the form
  • Due to COLS Dean’s Office by March 1. Department chair will set departmental due date.
  • Performance evaluation and supporting documents required for rehire

Per COLS policy, instructor’s syllabi are to be filed in the Department and Dean’s Office no later than the end of the 5th day of the term for each term. Only electronic copies should be sent the COLS Dean’s Office at Instructor schedules are also strongly encouraged to be on file showing office hours. See COLS Administrative Handbook: Chapter 6 for the Course Syllabi Policy.

12/6/18: Click HERE for “Syllabus Checklist”, produced by the Provost’s office, detailing five points that were lacking (but required to be there) in many syllabi. Please check your syllabi for Spring 2019 and add the information listed. If you are unclear about “Measurable learning outcomes”, page two of the attachment, “Writing Effective Course-Level Learning Outcomes”, also has been provided by the Provost’s office.

Budget Information

University Budgets

Handled through Finance and Administration

  •  Budget Training: Information about budget terminology, structure of department account numbers, and funding/appropriation structure
  • Financial Services Forms: Department Action Request, Direct Payment Request (DPR), Meal & Refreshment Requisition, Payment to Individual Report (PIR), Transaction Transfer Request (TTR)
  • Purchasing

Notes for COLS Procedures:

  • Meal Requisitions: Only need to come to Dean’s Office for approval non-student form. Food cannot be paid for from 102 account.

Foundation Funds

Handled through the Foundation

  • Forms
  • Foundation Fund balance questions can be directed to Sabina Schiessl or Jennifer Klinger.
  • Scholarship questions can be directed to Beka Smith, Scholarship Coordinator, or
Course Policies and Forms

The following forms and associated policies can be found on the Registrar’s Office website:

  • Extension of Class End Date Form
  • Incomplete-Grade Extension Request Form
  • Grading Proxy Permission Form
  • Recording Grades for Non-Registered Students Form
  • Special Features Input Form (Yellow Sheet)
  • Change of Grade Form
  • Appeal to Modify Undergraduate Curriculum
  • Special Event Room Request Form
  • Class Room Request Form

Please contact the Registrar’s Office for further information.

 Click here to download a Forms and Policies Reference Sheet regarding commonly used forms.