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Neuroscience Minor

Neuroscience is an interdisciplinary field that employs methods and theories from biology, chemistry,  computer science, physics, psychology, philosophy, and other fields to understand the brain, behavior, and the mind.  The study of neuroscience can prepare students for graduate studies or professional work in areas such as pharmacology, nursing, medicine, physical therapy, cognitive neuroscience, behavioral genetics, animal behavior, computer science, rehabilitation psychology, and clinical psychology.

Dr. Huda Akil, past President of the Society for Neuroscience, has stated that ”being educated about your brain, and how it works, and how it affects how you think and feel and function and interact with others, is very helpful…. It is a nonjudgmental way of helping people understand more about themselves…. This is a great time for neuroscience.”

The interdisciplinary Neuroscience Minor, implemented in Fall 2004, is designed to be compatible with any Bachelors degree major within the College of Letters and Science.  It requires a minimum of 21 credits, drawing from Biology, Computer Science, Philosophy, and Psychology course offerings.  Courses taken MAY double-count for the chosen major and the Neuroscience minor.  A minimum GPA of 2.00 must be earned in all courses required for the minor.

Neuroscience Minor Requirements
CHECK WITH SPONSORING DEPARTMENTS FOR SEMESTERS OFFERED AND PREREQUISITES, AS THESE ARE SUBJECT TO CHANGE! Note that ALL courses taken in the minor must be completed with a minimum “C” grade. If you cannot repeat a course in which less than a “C” grade is earned, you cannot earn the minor, but there is NO EFFECT ON YOUR GRADUATION unless your entire GPA slips below the University’s universal GPA requirements for all its graduates. NOTE: Course offerings vary be semester.

Required 9 credits:

REQUIRED for all students

  • BIO 306 Neurobiology (3 cr, NOW offered every spring)

PLUS ONE of the following:

  • PHIL 306 Philosophy of Emotion
  • PHIL 315 Philosophy of Science
  • PHIL 316 Introduction to Cognitive Science
  • PHIL 327 Philosophy of Mind

PLUS ONE of the following:

  • PSY 380 Cognitive Psychology
  • PSY 383 Biopsychology

PLUS TWELVE (12) elective credits from at least TWO (2) departments:

  • BIO 212 Human Physiology (4 cr, has lab; Fall, Spring, some Summers)
  • BIO 310 Biology of Gender (3 cr, Spring)
  • BIO 316 Developmental Biology (3 cr, Spring)
  • BIO 319 Animal Physiology (5 cr, has lab; Fall and Spring)
  • BIO 323 Intro to Cell & Molecular Biology (3 cr, Fall and Spring)
  • COMPSCI 300 Artificial Intelligence (3 cr)
  • *KINESIOLOGY’S 331 course entitled MOTOR LEARNING will also be written in by a curriculum modification (handled by either Dr. Koch or Dr. Karst) upon request by the student.
  • Additional PHIL course(s) from the above menu (306, 315, 316, 327)
  • Additional PSY course from the above menu (380, 383)
  • PSY 310 Comparative Psychology (3 cr)
  • PSY 367 Psychopharmacology (3 cr)
  • *PSY 455 Sensation and Perception (3 cr, its prerequisites of PSY 203 and 275 will be waived for students minoring in Neuroscience who are not Psychology majors)
  • OR… in any department where offered, up to 6 credits of neuroscience-related offerings of: Independent Study, Related Readings, Advanced Research (Psych 480), Internship or L&S Career Internship (Interdisciplinary 399), Service Learning Independent Study (Interdisciplinary 366 or 367), and/or Special Topics. See a Neuroscience Minor adviser to determine if one of these is sufficiently “neuroscience-related” to count for credit toward the minor.

Neuroscience Minor Faculty

  • Quin Chrobak PhD, Psychology
  • Sheldon Cooper PhD, Biology
  • Lisa Dorn PhD, Biology
  • Larry Herzberg PhD, Philosophy
  • Sommer Hodson PhD, Philosophy
  • Aaron Karst PhD, Psychology
  • Jim Koch PhD, Psychology
  • Todd Kostman PhD, Biology
  • Courtney Kurtz PhD, Biology
  • Jessica Lucas PhD, Biology
  • Lace Luedke PhD, Kinesiology
  • George Thomas PhD, Computer Science

Neuroscience Minor Faculty Advisors

Dr. Jim Koch of the Psychology Department – Clow F20, x2303,

Dr. Aaron Karst of the Psychology Department – Clow F21, x7172,