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Project Spotlight

Apply to be a Civic & Community Engagement Fellow!

Civic Influencers

Influencing within Civic and Community Engagement involves many tasks that will impact people, campus, and the community. This position will be provided a grant by Campus Elect for $500. Being an influencer means you will show that you are educated on the importance of voting rights and the democratic process. You will have the opportunity for networking, being social media trained, analyzing voting data, and learning about campaigning. One of the tasks as an influencer will be to plan a local election event for the April 5th voting process.

Application Submit by Friday, December 17, 2021  

Civic Engagement Fellow

As a volunteer, we are looking for a group of students who strive to be actively involved in civic and community engagementYou will help to promote and advertise events that are taking place around campus and the community. This will primarily be through social media, but will also include attending events. Not only will this be a great opportunity to gain experience within civic engagement, but it also helps to promote the importance of it. 

Application Submit by Friday, January 7, 2022 

Community Partners

Area Farmers

Christine Ann Domestic Abuse Shelter

Day by Day Warming Shelter

Habitat for Humanity of Oshkosh, ReStore

Humans of Oshkosh

Merrill Middle School

North High School

Oaklawn Elementary School

Omro Elementary School

Oshkosh Area Community Pantry

Oshkosh Lighted Schoolhouse Program

Oshkosh Area School District  

Oshkosh Area United Way  

St. Vincent DePaul Oshkosh

Tipler Middle School

Webster Elementary School

Winnebago/Oshkosh Housing Authority