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Volunteer Oshkosh

Volunteer Oshkosh is a great resource to get you started in volunteering! They help provide great volunteering opportunities

Upcoming Events

Internship Workshop: January 2022 

Best Practices in Vol Management: January 2022  

Greater Oshkosh Volunteer Leaders

The Greater Oshkosh Volunteer Leaders group (or GO VoL for short) is a group whose goal is to help network volunteer managers. Anyone representing a non-profit, volunteer agency, is welcome to attend. The meetings are geared towards Volunteer Coordinators, discussing topics including: volunteer recruitment, recognition, issues and challenges, etc. You can send agenda topics in advance to Mike, or bring them with you that day. 

Dates and Times

December 7, 2021 at 11:00 am at Fr. Carr’s Place 2B  

For more information about GoVoL contact Mike

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