College of Nursing Administration

Dr. Judith Westphal


Heather Englund

Dr. Heather Englund

Associate Professor, Director of Research and Evaluation

Dr. Bonnie Nickasch

Assistant Dean, Post-Licensure Director

Jason Mott

Dr. Jason Mott

Assistant Dean, Pre-Licensure Director

Dr. Kathy Wren

Director of DNP–Nurse Anesthesia Emphasis

Dr. Kirsten Trundle

Director of DNP–Family Nurse Practitioner Emphasis

Peter Strube

Dr. Peter Strube

Assistant Director of DNP–Nurse Anesthesia Emphasis

Dr. Laura Smolinski

Assistant Director of Traditional BSN Program

Brent MacWilliams

Dr. Brent MacWilliams

Assistant Director of Accelerated BSN Program

Terri Blakeslee

Dr. Terese Blakeslee

Assistant Director of BSN@Home Program

College of Nursing

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