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Accelerated Online – GPA Calculation

How do I calculate my GPA?

List the prerequisite courses from your UWO STAR Report or transcript on the GPA calculation form. Highlight the courses used and attach a copy. If the STAR/transcript is not yet available, please attach a note that your UWO application is in progress.

If you have more than the four sciences complete, place a line through the course(s) you do not wish to use. You must still list grade and credits even though you will not be using the course for GPA configuration.

If you have a waiver for a course, place the word “waiver” across the space where the grades are to be listed.

If you have a course in-progress (IP), place the letters IP in the grade/credit/grade points column. Up to 2 of the 6 science courses may be IP.

If more than one course is listed for possible use, i.e. English 101, 110, 188, or 202, circle the course which you are using to calculate your GPA. All courses to be used to calculate the GPA must be indicated by using UW Oshkosh course numbers.

Even though there are three spaces for general education on the calculation form, only put in six credits. For example, if you have two 3 credit courses, leave the last space blank. Another example would be: Comm 111 for 3 cr A = 12, PE 105 for a 2 cr A = 8, Soc 101 (3 cr AB) use 1 cr AB = 3.5. You cannot use more than six credits. You cannot use less than six credits. You cannot use any of the other required courses listed on the calculation sheet.

Once the courses are listed, add the numbers from the credits column to be used in calculation and put the total at the bottom. Add the numbers from the grade points column to be used in calculation and put the total at the bottom.
Divide the total grade points by the total credits and put the GPA calculation in the grade column at the bottom.

What courses can be included in the general education and nursing elective portion of the nursing GPA?

Six credits of general education courses are needed. Courses may include HU, XC, ES, SS, XS, NW, GC, PE, MA, GE, NS, EN, or any Nursing elective course. The acronyms will be on your STAR report or UWO unofficial transcript.

No course can be used twice for grade point calculation.

What is the formula to calculate my GPA? Grade Point total ÷ Credit Total = GPA Calculation

Basic Grading Scale per credit:

A = 4                  C+ = 2.33
A- = 3.67            C = 2
AB = 3.5             C- = 1.67
B+ = 3.33           CD = 1.5
B = 3                  D+ = 1.33
B- = 2.67            D = 1
BC = 2.5             D- = .67

Numerical Scale & International Transcripts per credit:

1-1.25 = Excellent = A = 4.0
1.5-1.75 = Very Good = AB = 3.5
2.0-2.5 = Good = B = 3.0
2.75 = Fair = BC = 2.5
3.00 = Passed = C = 2.0
4.00 – Conditioned = D = 1.0
5.0 = Failed = F = 0