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Nurse Anesthesia Emphasis – FAQs

Q: Is the Statistics course requirement due by the time I apply to the program?

A: No, if you have been accepted into the program, the Statistics course needs to be completed by enrollment into the program in June.  Send a receipt to from the school you are taking the class for your file as soon as you register for the class.  Send official transcripts to upon completion.


Q: Did you receive my transcripts?

A: To ensure we have received your transcripts, contact the Office of Graduate Studies at 920-424-1223 or    


Q: In regards to reference requirements, what is considered being away from school for an “extended period of time”?

A: If there is still a professor/instructor at your school of nursing who is familiar with your college work, no matter how many years have passed, then you can have that professor write your letter. If not, then you should find someone who is familiar with your learning abilities.


Q: Does the applicant fill out the Clinical Experience and Critical Care Form?

A: The Clinical Experience form needs to be given to your supervisor to fill out. The Critical Care form can be submitted by the applicant.


Q: I am currently a Masters-prepared FNP. What is the course of study for someone that already has a Masters in Nursing?

A: The plan of study is very specific for nurse anesthesia and DNP. Course transfer requirements include: a) review and approval by the program director, b) limited to 9 semester credits, c) transfer not allowed for nurse anesthesia content/courses, d) courses must have been taken within 5 years of graduation, which means if graduation is anticipated in 2020, coursework must have been completed in 2015 or later.


Q: Does biochemistry count toward the 8 credits of inorganic/organic chemistry requirement?

A: Yes, biochemistry usually counts toward the chemistry requirement, however, you would need to send your syllabus to, to make sure it fulfills the requirement.


Q: If I have 2 bachelor’s degrees, the most recent being my BSN, will cumulative GPA include both degrees or just my BSN degree?

A: You must submit your transcripts for all of your degrees. We will calculate a number of GPAs to include: overall undergraduate GPA, cumulative nursing GPA which includes all classes transferred, as well as taken for the BSN, science GPA, and the last 60 hours of undergraduate coursework GPA.


Q: How many days, on average, will a person be present on campus?

A: The weekly time on campus will vary from semester to semester. For instance, the first semester you will be on campus 4 days/week.


Q: Are the courses mainly online or in-person?

A: The DNP courses are mainly online, however the nurse anesthesia coursework is in person with some hybrid online/face-to-face courses.


Q: How many students are enrolled in the program?

A: Cohorts are anticipated to have 15 students and do not anticipate going over 20 students in a cohort.


Q: Will this program teach students regional anesthesia?

A: Yes, this program teaches regional anesthesia (as required for all programs).


Q: A “minimum of one year experience (2 years preferred) current, continuous full time critical care experience” is required. Is one year of critical care experience required prior to the application deadline or prior to matriculation?

A: You need to have one year (preferably 2 years and your CCRN certification) prior to matriculation of the year you will be starting the program.


Q: Can I work while I am in the nurse anesthesia program?

A: Due to the rigorous curriculum and time commitment, you are advised not to work while in the program.


Q: Are the didactic and clinical components of the program all in the Oshkosh area?

A: The didactic components of the program will be on campus at UW Oshkosh. The clinical sites are spread out across the state, including the Oshkosh area.


Q: If I did not get accepted to the program and want to reapply, what do I need to resubmit?

A: First, you will need to notify the Nurse Anesthesia Program Associate of reapplication.  You can do so by emailing  You do not need to fill out another online application. However, you will need to provide any additional transcripts of course work you have completed after your last application, updated references, updated Critical Care form, updated Clinical Experience form, updated certification cards (BLS, PALS, ACLS), if expired. In addition, contact the Office of Graduate Studies (920-424-1223) or and provide them with any information that has changed on your application.


Q: Do I need to have a Wisconsin RN license when I apply to the program?

A: No, you do not need a Wisconsin RN license when you apply. However, you do need an unencumbered Wisconsin RN license by the time you enroll in the program.