Bonnie Schmidt

Director of Evaluation and Projects, Associate Professor
College of Nursing


  • - PhD Nova Southeastern University, Fort Lauderdale, FL, Nursing
  • - MSN University of Phoenix, Phoenix, AZ, Nursing
  • - BSN University of Wisconsin Oshkosh, Oshkosh, WI, Nursing
  • - Diploma Madison General Hospital School of Nursing, Madison, WI, Nursing



  • - Current: Registered Nurse licensure (State of Wisconsin)
  • - Current: American Heart Association, Basic Life Support for Healthcare Providers



  • - Nurse Educator, Public Health



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Award(s) and Honor(s)

  • - 2017 Sigma Theta Tau Eta Pi research award
  • - 2016 AAMN Luther Christman Fellow
  • - 2016 College of Nursing Professorial Excellence Award
  • - 2014 Gene Tranbarger writing award: AJN Men in Nursing article
  • - 2014 Sigma Theta Tau Eta Pi research award
  • - 2013 APEX journalism award for Feature Writing: AJN Men in Nursing article
  • - 2009 UW Oshkosh Scholarly Teacher



  • - 2016 UW Oshkosh Faculty Development Grant. Professional Nursing values, Principal Investigator
  • - 2016 IPEC Interprofessional Community-Based Education & Practice Key Investigator
  • - 2014 Wisconsin Center for Nursing/Robert Wood Johnson-Diversity SIPP Grant
  • - 2009-2011 Site Co-leader: WI Collaborative TECNE Grant (HRSA)