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General Education and Nursing are the two main components to the RN to BSN@Home option.


                 General Education                              Nursing
Transfer Courses (typically 30+ credits) Nursing courses completed as part of ADN or Diploma Program
UW Oshkosh Requirements 30 credits Nursing UW Oshkosh Requirement


  • Students are required to earn 120 undergraduate credits to complete a baccalaureate degree at UW Oshkosh. Transcripts are evaluated individually by admissions. Students and academic advisors review transfer coursework during the initial transfer appointment.
  • A minimum Combined GPA of 2.5 is required. Pre-Nursing courses and nursing courses  must be a C or higher (C- or lower are not accepted).

Repeat Policy


  • Students cannot repeat more than two of the required pre-nursing courses
  • Only one of those repeats is permitted to be among the required science courses
  • Students cannot repeat any required course more than once. This includes retaking a course to raise GPA
  • Students exceeding these limits will be removed from the nursing major

Credit for Prior Learning

Students who earned an Associate Degree in nursing through a Wisconsin Technical College School (WTCS) on or after May 1996 are eligible to receive up to 30 credits of 100 level general education credits, up to 30 credits of 200 level general education credits and 30 credits for nursing coursework.   Students graduating from WTCS prior to 1996 will have their academic record evaluated on an individual basis. Academic records of students who earn an ADN or Diploma  from a school outside of the  WTCS will be evaluated on an individual basis.  During the transfer intake appointment an academic advisor will discuss how courses transfer and identify remaining requirements.  

The 30 ADN general elective credits will meet the following pre-nursing requirements:


  • Biology 105 Biological Concepts
  • Sociology 101 Intro to Sociology (XS)
  • Biology 211 Human Anatomy and Biology 212 Human Physiology
  • Communication 111 Intro to Public Speaking
  • Chemistry 101 Intro to Chemistry and Chem 102 Intro to Biochemistry *
  • Psychology 101 Intro to Psychology (XS)
  • Biology 233 Microbial Survey
  • Psych 391/Nursing 200 Human Growth and Development (XS)

* Students having earned their ADN  degree in the Fall 2006 or later may be required to take chemistry and biology as part of their degree completion plan.  Chem 250 and BIO 282 are offered through UW Colleges online.  While they are not the only way to complete the requirement, they are an approved, online way to fulfill the lack of science in some ADN degrees.   * Transcripts of students who have earned an ADN degree from a private or out-of-state college are evaluated on an individual basis.

University Studies Program (USP) formally General Education

30 USP/general education credits are completed as part of the BSN completion program


English 312 Advanced Composition 3 credits
Global Citizenship (GC) 3 credits
Math (Math 109, Statistics preferred) 3 credits
Humanities (2 areas) 9 credits
Ethnic Studies (ES) 3 credits
Social Sciences (XS) 3 credits if needed
Additional Electives as needed Used to reach 120 credit minimum to graduate



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