Traditional Admissions Requirements - College of Nursing
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Traditional Admissions Requirements

Required Criteria

  • Admission to the University of Wisconsin Oshkosh
  • Sophomore standing (30 credits completed)
  • Minimum of 3.0 GPA on required pre-nursing courses (listed below), with no course grade less than C (C- and CD are not acceptable)
  • Standardized nursing admission test with passing score at the current National program means (Total Score 65.6%) and above (cost assumed by student). See below for more information.
  • Completed Criminal Background Check (cost assumed by student). Results of criminal and campus background checks comply with standards required for clinical placement.
  • Written statement demonstrating values appropriate for professional nursing
  • Proof of current certificate as a nursing assistant (CNA) in any state

Preferred Criteria

  • Nursing GPA of 3.25 or above
  • Standardized nursing admission test with passing score at the current BSN program means (Total Score 70.4%) and above (cost assumed by student).
  • Work experience as a Certified Nursing Assistant
  • Activities reflecting a service orientation (i.e. community volunteer work, student athlete, etc. within the last 2 years.)
  • Experience with diverse populations (i.e. age groups, disabled, ethnic groups, special needs, etc.)

Nurse Scholars Program

The Nurse Scholars Program is designed to directly admit academically gifted students into the clinical major as freshman.  Participation in the Nurse Scholars Program provides early admission into the major for qualified students. The Nurse Scholar application is provided upon request from after admission to the University of Wisconsin – Oshkosh.

Nurse Scholars Program Requirements:

Demonstration of educational excellence as evidenced by:

  • Composite ACT score of 28 or higher
  • Submission of two (2) recommendations, at least one from high school science teacher, other can be another teacher, guidance counselor, or support staff at school
  • Evidence of scholastic achievement by submission of high school transcript (Assistant Director will review)
  • Submission of personal statement explaining desire to pursue nursing, including service experience and experience with diverse populations
  • Completion of criminal background check as directed by undergraduate office
  • Completion of interview with Assistant Director or designee, questions designed to determine student attitude, engagement, and autonomy, as well as look for factors that may make student more or less likely to succeed in the College of Nursing


Continued participation in the Nurse Scholar program is contingent upon meeting the requirements listed below:

  • Maintain a credit load of at least 15 credits per semester or
  • Earn 30 credits by the end of the second semester and
  • Maintain at least a 3.30 grade point average during the freshman year, and a 3.5 GPA for pre-nursing courses.
  • Maintain a clean background check, without any criminal activity. Comply with College of Nursing Code of Conduct
  • Successfully complete a CNA (Certified Nursing Assistant) course
  • Complete TEAS test with minimum score of BSN
  • Submit evidence of health care experience, service experience, and experience with diversity
  • Treat others with respect, and maintain positive attitude. Remain engaged in learning, and take accountability for own learning

 Submission of above requirements by deadline to undergraduate office.  Failure to do any of above will result in removal from nurse scholar program, with no guarantee of admission to clinical portion of major (to be admitted, must go through traditional admission procedures).



The College of Nursing reserves the right to limit enrollment numbers in the Nurse Scholars Program.


Nurse Admission Test

  • Completed test results must be attached to the application or supply verification of registration with date of TEAS
  • Study guides are available in Polk Library on reserve or for purchase through the company website or the University book store; sample tests are also available on the ATI website.
  • Passing scores will be based on current BSN program means; overall score as well as all subject scores are considered.
  • Registration fee to be paid by applicant with credit card at the testing company website.
  • TEAS test is available through the College of Nursing (preferred) or a PSI testing center, if the student lives in a distant location.
  • Soar Ahead applicants: Multiple test dates are offered through the year at Blackhawk Technical College (BTC).
  • If the TEAS is taken at BTC, passing scores will be based on BSN program means. Please contact an advisor for correct interpretation of individual results.

Register for standard test here

  • Select “Register for TEAS”
  • Select “Wisconsin”
  • Select “Oshkosh” if Traditional
  • Select “Janesville” if Soar Ahead
  • Select Date to Take Test
  • If Oshkosh or Janesville dates do not appear this means dates are not yet posted for that semester’s application cycle

Admission Interview

  • Qualified applicants will be contacted via email after the application deadline date to register for the admission interview
  • Interviews will be conducted by members of our faculty/academic staff; they will evaluate each applicant based on the interview process as well as the written application submitted
  • Assistance is available through Career Services located in the Student Success Center

Pre-Nursing Coursework

  These courses must be included in Nursing GPA for application

4 out of the 6 required science courses All science courses must include lecture and laboratory If more than 4 science courses are completed, the GPA will be calculated on the best 4 grades
  • Biological Concepts Bio 105 or 230
  • Anatomy Bio 211
  • Physiology Bio 212 or 319
  • Microbial Survey Bio 233 or 309
  • Chemistry Chem 101 or 105
  • Biochemistry Chem 102 or 106
College English I WBIS 188 or ENG 101, 110, 202, 300, 310, or 312
Growth and Development Nursing 200 or Psych 391 or Ed Foundation 377
Psychology Psych 101, 102, 104, or 110
General Education 6 credits Courses selected may be in any University Studies or General Education area (HU, ES, SS, NW, PE, MA, GE, NS, EN, XX, XK, XM, XC, XS, XL, or any Nursing elective), but must NOT include the prerequisite courses listed above.

Additional Pre-Nursing courses

 These courses must be completed by end of semester applying unless an appeal and or waiver has been provided and approved before starting in the clinical major

Health Practices with Diverse Populations Nursing 215
Introduction to Professional Nursing Nursing 105 (UW Oshkosh course ONLY)
Remaining 2 science courses(see required list above)
Speech Communication 111

Pre-Nursing Repeat Policy

  • Students cannot repeat more than two of the required pre-nursing courses
  • Only one of those repeats is permitted to be among the required science courses
  • Students cannot repeat any required course more than once.  This includes retaking a course to raise GPA
  • Students exceeding these limits will be removed from the nursing major

Appeal Form (Not Required- unless an exception is needed for one or more of the admission requirements)

  • Submit completed appeal form to if an advanced decision is desired OR you may attach the appeal form to the front of the application to the clinical major.
  • If you received approval for an appeal that pertains to your qualifications for admission, you must attach the appeal form you submitted with letter of approval to the front of your application for the clinical major.