Application Process

The College of Nursing uses a holistic admission process that identifies students who are the best fit for the Traditional BSN Program. Please follow the directions carefully to complete all steps of the application process.

Step 1 – Apply to the University

  • Current UW Oshkosh students may skip to Step 2.
  • A UW Oshkosh NetID will be issued to students upon admission to the University. A valid NetID is required before applying to the College of Nursing.
  • Click here to apply to UW Oshkosh

Step 2 – Nursing Prerequisite Courses

The following courses must be included on the GPA calculation form when applying to the College of Nursing.

Science (minimum 4 out of 6 courses must be completed)
All science courses must include lecture and laboratory. If more than four science courses have been completed, GPA will be calculated using the four highest grades.

  • Biological Concepts – Bio 105 or 230
  • Anatomy Bio – 211
  • Physiology Bio – 212
  • Microbial Survey – Bio 233 or 309
  • Chemistry – Chem 101 or 105
  • Biochemistry – Chem 102 or 106

College English I

  • WBIS 188 or ENG 101, 110, 202, 300, 310 or 312

Growth and Development

  • Nursing 200, Psych 391 or Ed Foundation 377


  • Psych 101, 102, 104 or 110

General Education (6 credits)

  • Courses may be in any University Studies Program or General Education area
      HU, ES, SS, NW, PE, MA, GE, NS, EN, XX, XK, XM, XC, XS, XL or any nursing elective
  • General education fulfillments can not include other prerequisite courses listed above
Additional Nursing Prerequisite Courses

These courses must be completed before starting in the nursing major unless an appeal and/or waiver has been provided and approved.

  • Nursing 215 – Health Practices with Diverse Populations
  • Nursing 105 – Introduction to Professional Nursing (must be completed at UW Oshkosh)
  • Comm 111 – Speech Communication
  • Remaining two science prerequisite courses (listed above)
Prerequisite Repeat Policy
  • Students cannot repeat more than two of the nursing prerequisite courses.
  • Only one of those repeats is permitted among required science courses.
  • Students cannot repeat any required course more than once. This includes retaking a course to raise GPA.
  • Students exceeding these limits are not eligible to apply to the College of Nursing.

Step 3 – Test of Essential Academic Skills (TEAS)

The TEAS is a standardized nursing admission test designed to assess a student’s preparedness for health and science majors. 

  • Completed TEAS results must be submitted with College of Nursing application. If a student has not yet taken the TEAS, then examination date and verification of registration must be supplied.
  • Study guides and practice exams are available at the Polk Library circulation desk on reserve. They may also be purchased through University Books & More or the ATI website.
  • Passing scores are based on the current national average. Individual subject scores are taken into consideration as well as the overall score.
  • Registration fee must be paid out-of-pocket through the ATI website.
  • The TEAS exam is available through UW Oshkosh (preferred) or a PSI remote testing center (if the student lives in a distant location).
  • UW Oshkosh offers multiple test dates throughout the year. There is no limit to the number of times an applicant may take the exam. See the registration link below for specific testing dates and times.

Register for the TEAS here

  1. Select “Register for TEAS”
  2. Select “Wisconsin”
  3. Select “Oshkosh” 
  4. Select desired test date
  5. If Oshkosh does not appear, this means dates are not yet posted for the upcoming application cycle

Step 4 – Apply to the College of Nursing

Part A | Applicant Contact Information

  • Check for accuracy before submitting. All fields are to be completed or marked N/A if they do not apply. Once submitted, the form cannot be retrieved.

Part B | Written Application

  • Please complete all sections of the written application and submit by the application deadline.
    Deadline for spring semester: Aug. 30
    Deadline for fall semester: Jan. 30
  • Review the standard and year-round program options to determine which options you would like to apply for.
  • Be sure to attach supporting documentation to your written application. This includes TEAS results, the forms listed below, and appeal form if applicable.
  • Open document in Adobe (it is a fillable form)  although if you are having difficulties filling in any of the areas of the application form, write “see attached” and provide your information in a separate word document. Include that word document behind the appropriate section.
  • Personal statements are limited to one page.

Submit written application with supporting materials to the following email:


Part C | Supporting Materials

Step 5 – Criminal Background Check

  • Following the submission of application materials, applicants will receive an email from the College of Nursing with details about completing a criminal background check.
  • The associated criminal background check fee is considered an out-of-pocket expense to be paid by student.
  • Results of criminal and campus background checks comply with standards required for clinical placement.

Step 6 – Admission Interview

Eligible students will receive an email to register for an interview.

Students admitted into the College of Nursing will incur additional costs above and beyond tuition, room/board, and books, including equipment, assessment, CPR/Health expenses, lab fees, clinical fees, technology fees, transportation to clinical, computers, and others. First semester (Sophomore II) costs are approximately $5,800 and subsequent semesters vary from $500 – $2,000 per semester and are subject to change. Students are encouraged to complete the FAFSA annually in addition to applying for scholarships and grants. Contact your Financial Aid Counselor with questions.

College of Nursing

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