Dear University community, I wanted to take a moment today to share a brief video message… from my kitchen, which is now a few feet from the table that serves as my new, at-home office. I’m sure many of you may have similar arrangements at home. 

We are all adjusting to a new, unprecedented reality. And I am grateful to the generous people of our UW Oshkosh community who are working so hard to support us. I see and hear examples of leadership everywhere. I am inspired, but not surprised, by the many ways people are rising to the occasion.

We may not have immediate answers for every question and new scenario that arises, but we are finding them as we continue to carry out our mission. I appreciate the patience and grace you all have shared this last week while adapting to change and caring for your families.

Take care of yourselves, too. Take time for breaks. Get outside as you can. Practice social distancing while embracing online connection. And please regularly visit our COVID-19 preparedness website which we update daily.

We will get through this together. I am proud of you and our resilient University.  

Chancellor Andy Leavitt