Feel Good Friday

The Counseling Center knows the importance of finding joy during challenging times. Feel Good Friday is a new opportunity to join our Titan community to learn new ideas and share what is working for you! All students, faculty, and staff are invited to join! Taking care of ourselves may look a bit different this summer – so let’s put our creative hats on and feel good together!  You are invited to all of these interactive, relaxed, and fun experiences.  Feel Good Friday will be held every Friday at noon – check out the schedule below. Click on the link to join through Microsoft teams.


We hope to see you at the next one – let’s take care Titans!


6.12.20             Pet Perk Me Up           

Pets are a great way to find joy – and they are really enjoying us being home more! Join this Feel Good Friday whether you have a pet or not! Come to share your pets or soak up the joy of seeing all the pets featured by others.

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06.19.20           Baking

What is better than the smell of something wonderful being baked in your oven? This pandemic has produced a lot of new bakers. Join this Feel Good Friday for a baking demonstration, and share favorite recipes with us!

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06.26.20           Summer Reading…summer binge watching

Join this Feel Good Friday to share your favorite books – what is making you laugh, feel inspired, learn something new, or have a good cry. We also want to know what you are binge watching – share your recommendations!

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07.10.20           Gardening

Let’s get our hands dirty! Gardening is a rewarding and mindful activity that can tap into your nurturing and creative side. Join this Feel Good Friday to learn easy gardening tips and tricks towards earning that green thumb!

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07.17.20           Create a Staycation or Retreat at Home

Everyone needs a “getaway” once in a while! Plans for summer vacations have definitely been impacted this year! Join this Feel Good Friday to learn and share ideas for creating a much needed staycation or retreat at home

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07.24.20           DIY Project 

Let’s get those creative juices flowing! Join this Feel Good Friday to learn a DIY project using simple household items – and share some things you have created at home!

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07.31.20           Movement

We all know that movement is good for us – body and mind! Join this Feel Good Friday to learn helpful things you can incorporate into your summer routine. Share what type of movement you have been enjoying during this time.

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08.14.20           Cooking 

Cooking is a way to nurture yourself and others, be creative, and explore new things! Join this Feel Good Friday for a cooking demonstration, and share your favorite recipes with our titan community!

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08.21.20           Art Project

Looking for a non-intimidating art project that can promote mindfulness, creativity, and positivity? Join this Feel Good Friday where we will be featuring a local artist that will guide us through an enjoyable way to express yourself. All you need is a piece of plain paper, a pen, and any favorite ways to color.

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