Group Therapy

The Counseling Center will be be providing all counseling services through tele-mental health. We remain with you to assist you to Flourish at UWO!

What is Group therapy all about?

  • ACCEPTANCE: Having a safe place to talk to others about your concerns.
  • UNIVERSALITY: Feeling that you’re not alone and realizing that others share the same problems.
  • FEEDBACK: It is a safe place to learn how you’re perceived by others and it gives you the chance to be assertive in telling others how you experience them.

Call (920) 424-2061 to make an appointment to see a counselor about joining a group.

Group Therapy Testimonials

What are UW Oshkosh Students saying about Group Therapy?

  • “I really enjoyed group. It made me feel like I had somewhere to come and be myself.”
  • “It was so much better than I expected. Before going to group I expected most of the talking/advice to be done by the facilitators and luckily this was not the case.”
  • “I feel better communicating with others now.”
  • “I learned from example how to deal with problems better.”
  • “I would have loved for group to have lasted longer.”
  • “My expectations were more than met, I found the group amazing.”

Workshop Groups

Wellness workshop sessions are four Counseling Center clients only. Workshops are adjunctive treatment that will be discussed between the client and their individual counselor. 

  • Balance Workshop (4 session series)
    The Balance workshop group explores tangible ways to manage uncomfortable emotions and introduces members to the concept of mindfulness and acceptance.
  • Anxiety Reduction Workshop (4 session series)
    Individuals will learn coping skills to manage anxiety including the practice of mindfulness. Each group will include engaging in some creative relaxation activities.
  • Self-Compassion Workshop (4 session series)
    This 4-week workshop group aims to help individuals identify the ways that they are self-critical, and how they can move beyond criticism to acceptance of self and self-understanding. This is an experiential group that will utilize self-compassion activities throughout the group experience.
  • Renew Workshop (4 session series)
    This is a 4-week workshop group for individuals who would like to learn skills to manage anxiety, utilize mindfulness, explore their strengths and virtues in practice, and who ultimately want to be more effective in living out their goals. As a part of this workshop, you will make a Mindful Action Plan.
  • Flourish Workshop (4 session series)
    This 4-week workshop group explores ways that individuals can not only function but live an abundant and fulfilling life. Concepts focus on key concepts of positive psychology. The Flourish workshop is beneficial for anyone that would be interested in personal growth and enrichment.

Current Groups

  • Calm Group
    Group members will learn and share in their personal experiences with anxiety and will gain support from the group. Calm group is a process group which will build upon skills learned in the Anxiety Reduction workshop group.
  • Connections Group
    The Connections Group focuses on sensory stimulations, social interaction skills, support, and education for students on the Autism Spectrum. Group members will also learn coping skills for social skills and will learn how to advocate for their needs.
  • Empower
    This is a support group for students of color using a multicultural approach for students who are overwhelmed by the daily demands of life and need to make self-care a priority. These concerns are sometimes based on navigating spaces as students of color, negotiating privilege(s), and addressing responses and emotional reactions triggered by experiences of discrimination and micro/macroaggressions. The goal of the group is to provide students with support and insights into their experiences and increase sense of empowerment.

  • Journey Group
    In the Journey Group, individuals will develop ways to cope with and understand their grief and share their experiences with others who have lost loved ones in a supportive environment. Self-care and self-compassion topics/activities will also be explored relating to caring for oneself during the grief process.

  • Just Journal
    Journaling can be a great way to express your thoughts, process things that are going on in your life, and ways to practice gratitude and positivity. This group provides the space and support for starting or maintaining a journaling practice. Group members are introduced to different types of journaling and given topic prompts, if needed. This group is beneficial for anyone that has difficulty finding the time to journal or has wanted to journal but does not know how to start.

  • Lavender Support Group
    This group is for Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender, Asexual, Queer, and/or Questioning students to talk about issues important to them. Students can meet others with similar identities and explore and celebrate issues related to their sexual orientation and gender identity. Issues, concerns, and opportunities with friends, families, and partners will also be addressed.

  • Positivity Group
    Positivity group is an interpersonal and supportive group that focuses on improving the relationship with the body to be more positive, kind, and compassionate. Strategies for self-care will be learned and strengthened. Forgiveness, humor, and connection will be woven throughout this group to enhance the appreciation and love for the physical self.

  • Project Happiness
    Project Happiness is an effort to address depressive symptoms with positive psychology. It is hoped that group members will support one another through group process to seek their own happiness, however it is defined for each person. Project Happiness will incorporate many ideas of what leads to happiness, including quotes from many sources, Positive Psychology authors and researchers, and group members.

  • RISE group (Sexual Assault Healing Support Group)
    RISE is a support group for individuals that identify as survivors of sexual assault. This group is a safe space that offers survivors an opportunity to regain a sense of self, speak out their experiences and connect with others with similar experiences. Group members will learn coping skills, understand the effects of trauma, and explore moving forward through healing.

  • Self-Compassion Process Group
    This group aims to help individuals identify the ways that they are self-critical, and how they can move beyond criticism to acceptance of self and self-understanding. This is an experiential process group that will build from skills learned in the Self Compassion workshop series.

  • Thrive
    This group is designed to provide a supportive and safe environment for students who have experienced traumatic or stressful events. This group will provide participants the opportunity to share experiences, connect with others, and receive support in regaining a greater sense of control and empowerment in their lives. Participants in this group can expect to achieve a greater understanding of common reactions to trauma and the ways in which it can impact your life, develop skills for improved coping, and work through common challenges in the healing process.

  • USO Group
    USO is a general topics group focused on helping members work through common problems in their lives including anxiety, stress, depression, academic issues, relationship troubles and adjustment issues. Group members will learn ways to help one another through the various issues they have come across in their lives. The group is designed for people who want to explore personal growth, gain awareness, and enhance functioning in interpersonal relationships.

  • Non-Trad/Grad USO Group
    This USO group is designed for students who don’t fall under the “traditional” college student. Designed for non-traditional and graduate level students, group members will learn ways to help one another through the various issues they have come across in their lives. The group is designed for people who want to explore personal growth, gain awareness and enhance functioning in interpersonal relationships.


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