Meaningful Exploration Retreats

The Counseling Center will be providing half day virtual ME retreats. Students will have the opportunity to engage with other students to experience positive psychology practices that will assist them in Flourishing!

Meaningful Exploration (ME) retreats allow students to experience extended time away from the Counseling Center that is active, intentional, holistic, and healing. ME retreats provide opportunities to connect with others that have similar life experiences, connect with themselves through reflection, journaling, restorative yoga, as well as connecting with nature. Speak with your individual counselor to learn more.


Grief Retreat:

An off campus retreat that will focus on healing and processing through the experience of grief and loss.

Explore nature, connect with others, and engage in growth and healing experiences.

Flourishing Retreat:

An off campus retreat focused on Flourishing. Students will develop their skills and experience activities that promote functioning well and feeling good.


Trauma Retreat:

An off campus retreat experience specifically designed for students who have experienced trauma in their lives.

An environment of safety and comfort is promoted throughout the experience to encourage healing and care for self.

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