Caring Action Leadership Mindfulness Program

Caring Action Leadership Mindfulness (CALM) is a partnership between the UWO Department of Social Work, UWO Counseling Center, and Reach Counseling Services to provide a comprehensive violence prevention program, “Caring, Action, Leadership, Mindfulness.”  The primary goal of the CALM project is to improve interpersonal communication and to prevent interpersonal violence.  The CALM project is a grant funded by the Aurora Health Care Better Together Fund.

CALM has two Master’s of Social Work (MSW) students in internship throughout the year at UWO, including the summer and interim semesters, who complete the work of CALM and are supervised by the Counseling Center.  The MSW students are tasked with collaborating with existing resources on efforts to reduce violence on campus, as well as enhance communication and mindfulness in students living in the campus community by offering outreach, programs, and presentations in classrooms, student organizations, and in residence halls.

CALM Programming

  • Red Zone assistance and collaboration in programming
  • By Stander Intervention training throughout campus
  • Presentations on mindfulness and available resources for help in Communication 111 classes, as well as other classes
  • Presentation to OSA on CALM and Mindfulness
  • Self Care workshops at resource centers
  • Snack and Chat sessions in residence halls
  • Regular outreach events at Reeve Union, Blackhawk Union, and Residence Halls that focus on mindfulness and healthy breaks
  • Polk Library Relaxation outreach during Finals week
  • Outreach at large campus events- Take Back the Night, the Ally March, Go Play
  • Individualized programming suited to organizational needs



UW Oshkosh Counseling Center
Student Success Center, Suite 240
750 Elmwood Ave
Oshkosh, WI 54901