Outreach Program

Outreach is about increasing college students’ mental health awareness through education, prevention ideas, stigma reduction and resources for help. Through outreach, Counseling Center staff and interns are able to connect with the larger UWO community and ultimately strengthen our community of caring, well-being and safety.

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Outreach Programs through the Counseling Center

See the Good

See the good is a social media campaign that offers tips on seeing the positive parts of life and your everyday experiences. We are primed to see the negative things that happen, so these prompts help us remind ourselves of the good things that we experience every day.

Seize the Awkward

Seize the Awkward is a social media campaign that reminds us to ask our friends when they do not seem to be doing well. This campaign reminds us to ask the difficult questions, even though it might be awkward or hard to do so.


Bkind2U is a social media campaign that gives us tips to practice compassion toward ourselves. It focuses on the three aspects of self-compassion: common humanity, self-kindness (instead of judgment), and mindfulness.

Mental Health PPE

Mental Health PPE is a social media campaign that gives us tools to practice positive habits, resiliency practices and reminders to stay connected with others during difficult times.

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