Student Success Coaching

Counselors at the Counseling Center take a holistic and strengths based approach to help students identify obstacles interfering with their ability to be successful and to provide a variety of ways to Flourish as a student.

What is Student Success Coaching like?

Student Success Coaching is a three session program that is designed to help the student identify their own unique set of strengths and values that promote student success and formulate a treatment plan to overcome identified challenges.

Some topics that may come up in Student Success Coaching include:

    • Adjustment to college/adulthood
    • Anxiety (general, test-taking, performance, etc.)
    • Balancing multiple roles
    • Being assertive
    • Concentration
    • Family pressure
    • Motivation
    • Relationship concerns
    • Substance abuse

The Student Success Coach will have a student complete a few assessments, discuss available resources on campus, and assist in accessing resources.

When should I make an appointment?

It is suggested that you make an appointment as soon as you realize you are having difficulties.  Students who seek out support early are more likely to be successful and experience less academic stress.

Other Campus Resources

Many resources are available to help student’s success with classes.  Below are some other offices to check out:

Individual Therapy

Career Exploration