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Faculty and Staff

All faculty and staff of the Department of Criminal Justice are located on the 4th Floor of Clow Faculty.  

Our Criminal Justice Faculty

We are pleased that our faculty brings a broad depth of knowledge to the classroom. Both our traditional and online major are supported by a faculty of professors with Ph.D.’s in Criminal Justice, Political Science, Social Welfare, and Sociology. Our full-time faculty members:

  • have active research agendas in criminal justice and criminology,
  • teach courses related to their specializations,
  • consistently present research at national and regional criminal justice and criminology conferences,
  • some have published books, and
  • all have published articles in social scientific journals.

In addition, our department is supported by adjunct professors who have J.D.’s, M.A.’s and M.S.’s, with a wide variety of backgrounds and years of experience out in the field.

Dr. David Jones

Professor of Criminal Justice






Dr. Jones earned his Ph.D. in Political Science from the University of Kansas in 1980.

His specializations are in the areas of Urban Political Theory, Law, and the Courts.

Curriculum vitae Contact Email: Phone: (920) 424-2492 Office: Clow Faculty 417.

Dr. Victoria Beck

Professor of Criminal Justice





Dr. Beck earned her Ph.D. in Criminal Justice from the University of Cincinnati in 2001.

Dr. Beck is the past President of Midwestern Criminal Justice Association. Her research has appeared in a variety of academic journals and has focused on issues related to laws and sexual victimization, rape myths and video games, eyewitness identification and criminal justice education. Dr. Beck is currently teaching the following courses: Research Methods, Introduction to Criminal Justice, Criminological Theory and Criminal Law.

Curriculum vitae Contact Email: Phone: 920-424-7094 Office: Clow Faculty 421.

Dr. Michael Lenza

Associate Professor of Criminal Justice

Dr. Michael Lenza outside near a waterfall .






Dr. Lenza earned his Ph.D. in Sociology from the University of Missouri – Columbia in 2005.

Dr. Lenza’s publications and research includes: statistical and qualitative methodologies, death penalty, research methods and ethics, medical marijuana, theory, convict criminology, corrections, criminology and institutional violence.

Curriculum Vitae Contact Email: Phone: (920) 424-0457 Office: Clow Faculty 425.

Dr. Chris Rose

Professor of Criminal Justice and Chair of the Criminal Justice Department

Ph.D. in Sociology, Southern Illinois University at Carbondale (2002).

Dr. Rose is the Chair of the Criminal Justice Department.  He is an experimental criminologist with specializations in statistics, criminological theory, quantitative research methodology and social problems. His research has appeared in a variety of academic journals and books, such as the Journal of Crime and Justice, the Journal of Criminal Justice and Law, Journal of Correctional Education, Offender Programs Report, Journal of Drug Education, Teaching Forum, Journal of Interpersonal Violence, Journal of Offender Rehabilitation, Journal of Interpersonal Violence, Understanding Correctional Violence, and the State of Corrections.  He has also published a book on statistics entitled: Essential Principles and Methods of Statistical Analysis in Criminology.  He teaches courses on Statistics, Quantitative Research Methodology, Major Issues in Criminal Justice, Criminological Theory, Organized Crime, and Crime Films.

Curriculum Vitae for Dr. Rose (Fall 2019)

Contact Email: Phone: (920) 424-0860 Office: Clow Faculty 419.

Dr. D. Alper Camlibel

Assistant Professor of Criminal Justice






Ph. D. in Political Science, Claremont Graduate University, California (2010).

Dr. Camlibel is the former Police Superintendent at the Turkish National Police. He attended many international and national crime and drug trafficking-related conferences and training. He represented the Turkish Government at the United Nations (UNODC), Organization for Cooperation and Security in Europe (OSCE), The European Police Office (EUROPOL), The International Police Organization (INTERPOL), and Economic Cooperation Organization (ECO) meetings as a Turkish National Police delegate. Dr.Camlibel is a member and an instructor of the International Police Association (IPA). His research interests include police stress, inmate violence, drug abuse, and ethnic conflict. Dr. Camlibel regularly teaches the following courses: Police in Modern Society, Police Deviance, Police Administration, Homeland Security & Terrorism, Major Criminal Justice Issues, and Crime Prevention & Problem Solving in Criminal Justice.

Curriculum Vitae; Contact Email:; Phone: (920) 424-7443. Office: Clow Faculty 423.

Dr. Matt Richie

Assistant Professor of Criminal Justice

Ph. D. Social Welfare / Criminal Justice.

Dr. Matt Richie is a new member of the Criminal Justice Faculty at the University of Wisconsin – Oshkosh.  His research interests include jail populations and recidivism, desistance from crime, risk assessment validation, police officer use of force, and non-traditional court processes and programs.  He teaches courses in theory, corrections, research methods, and introductory courses in criminal justice.

Contact Email: Phone: (920) 424-1823

Amy Rogge

Academic Department Associate


Office: Clow Faculty Building, Room F414
Phone: (920) 424-3230 (Cj office)
Fax: (920) 424-2319

Adjunct Professors

Gene Bartman, JD.

Adjunct Professor of Criminal Justice







Gene Bartman, JD

Mr. Bartman has been an Adjunct Professor with the Criminal Justice Department since the early 1980’s.   During his 32 year legal career he was a prosecutor with the Winnebago County District Attorney’s office and practiced criminal defense law as a private and public defender attorney.  A graduate of the University of Wisconsin-Madison law school he also has a Master of Arts degree from the University of Chicago.  He has taught a number of criminal law related courses on campus and online including Introductory Criminal Law (CJ 270), Adjudication Process in Criminal Justice (CJ 218), Criminal Court: Proof of Guilt (CJ 319) and Law of Corrections (CJ 348).

Audrey Coaston-Shelton, Ph. D.

Adjunct Professor of Criminal Justice

Dr. Audrey Coaston-Shelton

Dr. Audrey Coaston-Shelton earned a Ph.D. in Criminal Justice from the University of Cincinnati in 2009. She has conducted research on job satisfaction for SROs and race and police training. She has presented research at various professional conferences on topics such as the heroin crises, domestic violence, teen dating violence, and bullying. Dr. Coaston-Shelton is currently teaching the following online courses for the University of Wisconsin Oshkosh: Quantitative Research Methodology, Criminological Theory, Corrections, and Children & Violence.

Mr. Kelly Kent, M.P.A.

Adjunct Professor of Criminal Justice

Kelly Kent, M.P.A.

Mr. Kent is an adjunct lecturer and holds a MPA degree from the University of Wisconsin- Oshkosh (2007). He earned his BA degree with a major in Criminal Justice from the University of Wisconsin- Eau Claire (1989).  Mr. Kent has been employed as a Police Office for the City of Oshkosh Police Department since 1990. His career in policing has involved assignments as a Patrol Officer, Detective, Sergeant, and Lieutenant. He has held the rank of Captain since 2008 and is a 2009 graduate of the FBI National Academy.  Mr. Kent is currently a senior member of the command staff, in charge of the Administrative Bureau.  He teaches the online course in Police Administration.

Emeritus Faculty

Susan Reed, Ph.D.


Stephen Richards, Ph.D.






Home Phone: 920-907-0326

Cell Phone: 920-904-3737