Computer Science Research

Faculty members are very active in their area of research, which covers a wide range of interests. Visit the Faculty and Staff page if you are interested in working with one of the faculty members on a project.

Many of the research projects lead to peer-reviewed publications. The below list are some research projects that are currently being worked on. Please contact the faculty member responsible for the project if you are interested in working on that area of research.

  1. Dr. David Furcy  and  Dr. Scott Summers are currently working on problems involving tile self-assembly.
  2. Dr. Erik Krohn is currently working on problems involving computational geometry. His main area of research is with a problem called the art gallery problem. He is currently working on theoretical and practical problems dealing in this area.
  3. Dr. Hannah Hillberg is currently working on human-computer interaction problems.
  4. Dr. George Thomas is currently working on problems in multiagent systems and natural language processing.

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