Alumni Memory: Sandra Gruhle ’62

From left to right are: Sandy Gruhle, Ruth (Baker) Davis, Kandy (Dixon) (Butler) Skarvan, Kathy (Malone) Goza and Mari (Gaynor) Hill.

Someone once told me that college life was 75 percent social; it’s possible some of us stretched that a bit, but the friendships we forged at UWO have stayed with us far longer than the content of any lecture.

What do I remember most clearly?  We returned to school in the fall of 1961 to find that the promised sorority and fraternity houses had not yet been built.  As I recall, 24 women and 19 men then rented rooms on the third and fourth floors at the Raulf Hotel downtown.  It was a long, cold walk to campus, so if we wanted a ride with the guys downstairs, we had to band on the radiators.  The hotel offered budget meals in their dining room for $1.25; the Magnet bar across the street however, had sloppy joes for a quarter.  Our tuition was $103.50 per semester, and that included books and the Quiver yearbook.

Second semester most of us moved closer to campus, with our digs on the corner of Elmwood and Irving.  Since we were forced to leave the hotel, we referred to ourselves as the “House of Rejects.”  Today’s women would be stunned to learn we had “hours” and house parents, and were penalized if we returned home later than proscribed.  The men of course, were not so restricted.  The old grey Victorian house is no longer there, but the memories of nine girls sharing one bathroom and one sweater closet still remain.

This picture is of a group of those friends in 1962.  From left to right are: Sandy Gruhle, Ruth (Baker) Davis, Kandy (Dixon) (Butler) Skarvan, Kathy (Malone) Goza and Mari (Gaynor) Hill.  All but Kathy lived together on Elmwood and Irving and all are living in Wisconsin 50 years later, scattered around the state.

by Sandra Gruhle ’62, of Saukeville

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