Alumni Memory: Vanessa Virbitsky ’08

My entire experience on the UWO gymnastics team is my favorite. But, particularly, winning the 2007 National Collegiate Gymnastics Team Title – our team was incredibly close-knit, and we worked so hard every day for that accomplishment. I’ll never forget the dance party that took place on the award stand, and I still wear the championship ring every day.

However, I’d be remiss to leave the memory of standing in front of my entire graduating class to deliver the commencement speech out of the ‘favorite UWO memory’ category. I ended my speech by saying, “Thank you, Oshkosh, for sharing your home with me and with all of us.” I’m still thankful to Oshkosh and don’t think anything could compare to the pride I felt for being a UWO student on that day.

by Vanessa Virbitsky ’08, Colorado Springs, Colo.

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