Alumni Memory: Markie Anna Wenzel ’83

The word cherish means to treat something with affection and to  treat and  hold dear.

As defined, my most cherished UW Oshkosh  memory is the Campus Crusade for Christ Navigator Christmas Party. This gathering occurred  on Saturday evening Dec. 15,1978 , in the Scott Hall basement.

I was a resident of Scott Hall at the time. I was a freshman at the University at the end of my first semester and an athlete, competing on the football and varsity wresting teams.  I was by this time very depressed and suicidal. And I was within 18 days of jumping off the Wisconsin Street Bridge to end my life.

On the evening of Dec. 15, I was not feeling well and decided to stay in for the evening.

I decided to venture to the vending machines and get a Diet Coke to try to settle my stomach. I had a pair of socks with holes on my feet and no shoes. I was on the elevator on my way back to my room when I was invited to attend the party. I wanted to put my shoes on . The person that invited me to the party said, “No you can come to the party with just your socks.”

The party attendees seemed to be having a good time as I arrived. We played some games and had some non-alcoholic refreshments. The time came at the end of the evening when we sang Christmas songs. And then a man stood up and gave a Gospel message. He talked about the love of God and the need for Jesus in your life in order to get along in this world. So that evening, I accepted Jesus into my life at 9:45 p.m.

This is my favorite , most cherished UW Oshkosh memory. It is my most cherished memory because that individual decision has influenced the path of my life. I have traveled and served in the ministry and have helped other people. And I have had numerous opportunities to give testimony of Dec. the 15, 1978 at 9:45 p.m. in Scott Hall basement.

It has been 34 years since that decision. I am still alive and am still in an intimate love relationship with Jesus Christ. I occasionally have the privilege to be on campus. And each time, I have to drive by Scott Hall and remember my life-changing decision. I graduated from UWO in 1983 and went off to graduate school at Bob Jones University in Greenville, S.C., and went on to serve in the ministry. So this is a memory, I treat with affection and I treat as dear.

by Markie Ann Wenzel ’83, of Milwaukee

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