Alumni Memory: Gail Marucci ’69

Pictured are: Karen Dohr, Diane Wessing, Vicki Floether, Gail Marucci, Connie Braun, Linda Kofel, Barb Rhode, Mary Beth Reak, Pledge Mom Rachel Krause and Patti Pelant.

In the spring of 1966, these young women were some of the pledges of an exceptional Alpha Phi sorority pledge class.

On this particular night with their pledge mother in capture, this group decided that an old-fashioned bathtub was the perfect accessory for the sorority’s Frannie Willard party.  As one of the founders of Alpha Phi, Francis Willard was a leader in the Women’s Temperance Union.  This group thought the bathtub could be used for some other beverage besides “bathtub gin.”

by Gail Marucci ’69. of Sun Prairie


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  • What a fabulous looking group. Enjoyed seeing most of you at our last