Letter from the Chancellor

In embracing change, we grow and thrive.

Intelligence is the ability to adapt to change.—Stephen Hawking

The one constant in life is change. In the last several months, I have embraced it and am wiser for it.

I leapt into my new role as Chancellor at the University of Wisconsin Oshkosh on Nov. 1, after moving from Georgia. I wouldn’t trade the ensuing whirlwind of introductions, meetings and opportunities to listen for anything. It has been a privilege to learn about this great institution and the hundreds of students, staff, faculty and local and regional partners. I encourage our alumni and friends to continue sharing their insights. Send me a note at leavitt@uwosh.edu.

I have quickly learned that UW Oshkosh is dearly admired for its academic, cultural and economic mission and influence. Everyone I have encountered is eager to strengthen and advance their relationships with the University community.

Reading this Engage edition’s cover feature exploring the different kinds of intelligence people possess reinforced my understanding that higher education stimulates and advances knowledge in many ways. Our alumni share their intelligence by serving as meticulous accountants and masterful artists. They are caring nurses and courageous teachers. They, too, draw wisdom from change, and their stories inspire me.

I encourage our 85,000 alumni to stay engaged and keep learning. We invite you to experience our theatre productions, athletic events, music performances and discussions on the toughest issues of our time here. Visit uwosh.edu/alumni to see our diverse events calendar and opportunities for travel and continuing education.

As junior Jacob Schaubs eloquently shares in our cover story: “It’s a beautiful intellectual community, but it’s not a community for only intellectuals. All types of brilliance are fostered at UW Oshkosh.”

With gratitude,

Andrew J. Leavitt, Chancellor

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