Over Coffee

How has being in a community impacted your life?

“Any volunteer clubs I’ve been in have impacted my life because I’ve gone to different countries and helped kids in need.”
—Ashley Gunder, junior, Volunteer






“It has connected me with other people who have smart ideas and being in a community has expanded my mind.”
—Scott Bellile ’15, Journalism






“Being in a sorority has opened my eyes and shown me what I can do for the Oshkosh community. It’s provided me with lots of connections for the future.”
—Maddie Clemence, Sophomore, Alpha Xi Delta




“You interact with more people and engage in your society, which means you make friends, join teams… And it has put me around good people and made sure I’ve had a good friendship base.”
—Jonathan Flores, Freshman, Titan Wrestling





“It was a good experience meeting new people in the residence hall, interacting with them and creating connections.”
—Connor Monahan, Junior



“I love working here and working with the people, and it has been my favorite job… It’s a laid back atmosphere.”
—Leeah Rivas, senior, Mitaza Employee






“Greek life has impacted my community experience, because it’s allowed me to get close with others.”
—Joe Sobralski, Sophomore, Beta Theta


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