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Research Ready: For more than 100 years, UW Oshkosh operated a private elementary and middle school, above left, on campus — for much of that time in Swart Hall.

The school provided teachers-in-training a chance to observe and participate in effective teaching and classroom management. It also provided faculty research opportunities with a readily available pool of subjects to investigate new approaches to education.

Biology professor William Sloey worked with student James Anderson in 1968 to collect water samples from an area lake. A fierce environmentalist and celebrated teacher, Sloey conducted groundbreaking research on regional water quality problems.


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  • Enjoyed seeing the very, very brief mention of UW-O operating an elementary school. Not sure, but I think that I might be one of only two of the graduates of the Rose C. Swart Training School, who went on to teach at the University. The other is James Watson. We were “guinea pigs”, I guess, but we got an elementary education unmatched by any offered elsewhere in Oshkosh. I was deeply saddened when it was closed