from_the_archives_1Behind the Iron Curtain: UW Oshkosh’s Soviet Seminar ran from 1967 to 1989, providing a unique opportunity to visit the country’s geopolitical rivals. Along for the trip in 1970 was William “Bill” Schumann ‘71.

The trip was organized by Sociology Chair Juris Veidemanis. For Veidemanis, the trip was personal: he was a displaced person forced to leave Latvia after the Soviets retook the nation from the Nazis in WWII. He was terminally ill from cancer and the 1970 trip would be Veidemanis’ last visit to his homeland.

from_the_arch_ladySites visited by the group included Moscow’s Red Square in Russia, left, and a wintry Łazienki Park in Warsaw, where Bill’s then-wife, Sandra, posed for a photo. Schumann donated his slides to UW Oshkosh Archives in 2015.

Top right is a letter written by one of the travelers to the University, encouraging continuation of the program.

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