From the Chancellor: A campus with global reach

from_the_chancellorI have made a deliberate decision to devote my higher education career to institutions such as the University of Wisconsin Oshkosh. We are a regional public university with a significant focus on improving the quality of life for northeastern Wisconsin. Regional public universities, or comprehensive universities, excel at academics while making a measurable difference in their surrounding communities. What is striking about UW Oshkosh is how far beyond the region our reach truly goes. In this issue of Engage magazine we merely scratch the surface on the global impact of our institution.

UW Oshkosh has an intentional mission of educating students in a way that prepares them for an increasingly diverse and global society. This broad-based exposure to cultures, people and practices is life-changing for our students. At the same time, the impact these students and our faculty have in their global endeavors (some of which we feature in this issue) leaves a lasting impression around the world.

Going forward, our new vision for UW Oshkosh keys to the importance of the global society we are all a part of and places it center stage. We will not only create more opportunity for students to go abroad, but also actively work to increase how many students we bring to campus from outside the United States. The diverse experiences and cultures brought to our campus from visiting students are transformational for our University community. Many of these students end up staying in Wisconsin, enriching our state and providing additional perspectives in our local workforce.

UWO has a new roadmap and a new vision through a new strategic plan. We are meeting the needs of our region and state while changing lives around the world. More importantly, we are changing the lives of our students and giving them experiences that open their eyes forever.

To support these and all of our efforts to move the University and our students forward, I ask that you join me in making a gift to the UW Oshkosh Foundation in 2016. We’ve included a giving envelope in this publication for your convenience, or you can visit the Foundation at

With gratitude,

Andrew J. Leavitt, Chancellor

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