How far have you traveled and what did you learn?

over_coffee_powell_jaleah_02_f16“It was my first time going to the beach ever, so it was really beautiful to see all of God’s work in action.”
Jaleah Powell, freshman, music composition
Traveled to Florida





overcoffee_giannelli_dana“I learned about the importance of the arts in our culture. People are nice all around the world and not to mention, the accents in England are so much better than Americans’
Dana Giannelli, junior, elementary education
Traveled to London





overcoffee_kroll_kurt“I learned there is a lot of diversity in Florida, especially when I was visiting Epcot.”
Kurt Kroll, freshman, chemical engineering
Traveled to Walt Disney World





overcoffee_lenz_savannah“I learned the Quebec-French seem a lot more family-oriented than Americans.”
Savannah Lenz, sophomore, radio TV film
Traveled to Quebec





overcoffee_pire_travis“I learned to speak some French-Polynesian.”
Travis Pire, junior, pre-nursing
Traveled to Tahiti






overcoffee_potter_elizabeth“I learned you should never travel with your significant other!”
Elizabeth Potter, sophomore, history
Traveled to Niagara Falls





overcoffee_romaine_emily“American ideals are far-reaching in a number of different areas of the world.”

Emily Romaine, senior, nursing
Traveled to Mexico





overcoffee_strong_bethany“I learned the importance of travel, and through it, I was able to learn about and appreciate different cultures in a new way.”
Bethany Strong, junior, environmental studies
Traveled to France and Spain

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