Oshkosh Pride

For high-achieving students and University leaders, it is a point of pride that the University of Wisconsin Oshkosh will officially launch an Honors College.

Beginning in the fall 2017, the transition from the current honors program to an Honors College will elevate the profile of honors education at UW Oshkosh. The transition to an Honors College is part of the institution’s new strategic plan—one that emphasizes enhanced research opportunities.

Students in the Honors College benefit from discussion-based classes, study-abroad opportunities, independent research, community engagement classes and mentoring opportunities with honors alumni.

To graduate from the Honors College at 
UW Oshkosh, students will be required to engage in faculty-mentored research. 

“The change to the Honors College signals that UW Oshkosh is a great choice for high-achieving students who want to experiences the very best educational practices,” Laurence Carlin, director of the Honors College, said. “We added many new honors classes—and students in the colleges can take the classes in any of the four colleges.”

Learn more about the Honors College.

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