Native American hip hop

How would you feel if your
people were used for logos  and mascots/

And these “idiots” never noticed the photos of massacres asking us if the genocide ever happened/

Watch native news it’s still happening have you ever had to explain to your youth that they talking about a team when they ask why they want to hurt us/

Got to walk around with a  ID saying how much Native blood we got in us.

—Lyrics from the third verse of “Grew Up in 2 Worlds” by Gary Dodge Jr., of Keshena, a member of the Menominee Indian Tribe. After dropping out of high school, Dodge overcame his struggles with formal education and is now a senior radio TV film major at the University of Wisconsin Oshkosh.

To learn more about natives on campus, check out photos from the Inter-Tribal Student Organization’s 2017 powwow event.


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