The University of Wisconsin Oshkosh is deep into its 2017-2018 athletic season, but remnants of its record-setting 2016-2017 season are still fresh on Titans’ minds. UWO had six teams head to the NCAA postseason a year ago, while eight other programs had individuals attain a national postseason berth.

Not only did the football team reach the national championship game for the first time in school history, but the softball program made it to the NCAA Championship Super Regional for the first time since 1988, and the women’s basketball team made a splash in the NCAA Championship Sweet 16 for the second time in four years.

For Titan softball, it also was the first time the program reached the postseason in nine seasons.

“Reaching the NCAA tournament was a big deal for us,” Titan softball head coach Scott Beyer said. “It was a goal of ours since I stepped foot on campus four years ago, and we had only been able to talk about it. It was an amazing feeling to have it finally come to fruition.”

Director of Athletics Darryl Sims is overjoyed with the success the Titans are experiencing.

“As we look back on last year, a number of our programs enjoyed measured success,” Sims said. “Those successes have certainly elevated the attention focused on our campus community, the Oshkosh community and the alumni community, and it has allowed us to springboard into this year with high expectations.”

Sims noted that the successes are in no small part because of the support the Titans have received from a dedicated fan base.

“We are forever grateful to the campus, Oshkosh community and our alumni for supporting what we do, believing in who we are and continuing to show up and support us as we take on a new year of expectations.”

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